The Mondaine Apple Watch Face

The Mondaine Apple Watch face. Unfortunately, I did not receive an email from Apple stating the there is a new watch face from the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine. The reason, I am writing this post is to express my feelings and expectations regarding having a Mondaine watch face on the Apple Watch.

What is so special about Mondaine? It is the company that manufacturers the iconic Swiss rail watches. You might have seen the wristwatch edition as well. Yes, they do make wristwatches with the same design philosophy as the rail watches.

The most special watch from Mondaine is the Stop2go watch. It has a very similar system to Swiss rail watches. The second arm completes a full circle in 58 seconds and waits at 12 for two seconds. The reason for this is that each Swiss rail watch is synchronised every minute, and in order to apply this process, each Swiss rail watch waits two seconds at the 12 for a signal from the control room.

Unfortunately, the Stop2go cannot receive a signal from the control room, but if Mondaine introduces a watch face for the Apple Watch that is the same as the Stop2go, it will be an amazing experience!

Mondaine Stop2Go1 Mondaine Stop2Go2 Mondaine Stop2Go3 Mondaine Stop2Go4


Worth to Buy an Apple Watch?

Worth to buy an Apple Watch? Many people are asking me this question all the time. Because, I own an Apple Watch. Many people are wondering does the new gadget of Apple worth the price? Is it really functional? Does it change your life? And lots of questions are coming. I guess Apple heard these questions and revealed new YouTube videos for the Apple Watch.

And for the Dating video, Apple Watch Gold Edition will definitely find you a date! Tested and certified.

Does Apple Watch worth to buy? Depends on you!

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What is Special About The Apple Watch Hermes Edition?

During the Apple Event a few days ago, they unleashed a special edition of the Apple Watch, which won’t be welcomed by Apple geeks, and some fashionistas may be horrified by it. It is Apple Watch Hermès, and it will probably be the first and last orange coloured box offered by Apple.

So, what is special about the Hermès edition of Apple Watch? Does it change anything concerning your Apple Watch experience, or does it offer something else? Why we are bothered with this over-priced Apple Watch?

First, Hermès is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands from France. It was founded in 1837 and six generations of commitment to exquisite quality of production and unique design philosophy have positioned Hermès into a unique place in the fashion world. Hermès leather manufacturing process has not changed much since the company began, and this is a total contradiction with Apple.

Apple is innovative, and Hermès is traditional!

However, they can benefit from each other. Apple is becoming a luxury tech brand, and without adequate heritage, it is challenging to establish a new brand against well-established luxury fashion brands. Apple needs the traction from Hermès or others.

On the other hand, Hermès wants to capture the digital market space of fashion, but they are too traditional. Moreover, they need a brand that can pump digital fuel into their system without developing new and out-dated gadgets. And that’s Apple! Essentially, the Apple Watch Hermès edition is the beginning of Apple and luxury fashion brand collaboration.

The Hermès edition price is starting from $1100 (I was expecting $11000), and this makes it cheap compared to the Gold edition. Also, it is a bit more expensive than the standard models. This ensures that the Hermès edition is not super expensive or pointless. More precisely, this edition turns the Apple Watch edition into a really cool fashion item.

Personally, I would not buy the Apple Watch edition, as the Hermès edition is available! Why? Hermès is a unique brand and their leather craftsmanship is well respected. Apple makes great high-tech products; the combination of these two different approaches makes the Hermès edition the best Apple Watch edition.

It won’t be a poser item. Because it is really hard to identify the Hermès edition unlike the Gold edition. So, if you were thinking that the Apple Watch is too muscular, the Hermès edition will change your perception! Any women reading this article and planning to buy an Apple Watch should go for the Hermès. That would be great investment to add to your Chanel bag.

Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes Apple Watch Hermes
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