Autosport International 2012 Full Coverage

I have been blogging since the Autosport International 2012 started on Thursday and I realised that, I need to have a post for each article I posted during the show. Here they are!

And last video Caterham Live Action Arena

BMW M3 Chrome, BMW M5, BMW New 3 Series 
New Porsche 911, Porsche 918 RSR, Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche Cayman R
Aston Martin DBR9
Mini Countryman and WRC version, Original Mini
Subaru Impreza
Ferrari 458, Ferrari 250 GTO
Lexus LFA
Jaguar XJR-S
Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender
Audi R8 GT
McLaren MP4-12C
Nissan GTR
Lamborghini Gallardo
Classic F1 Race Car, present F1 cars
Porsche 550 Spyder and LeMans racer 
Drayson Electric Racing Car
Ariel Atom 
Bugatti Veyron’s brake disk
Ford Focus and Fiesta WRC
David Coulthard
Fiat 500 Van
Pop Bang Colour
First day photos
A Fashion Statement by Ginetta
Second day photos with Tiff Needell
Models from the show
Porsche Stand
Third and Fourth Days

The best detergent to clean your soul: Ariel Atom V8

For many people Ariel means one thing, detergent! You buy it from market and put it inside your washing machine, there is no passion no excitement. Basically you don’t create emotional relationship with a detergent.
But you will fall in love with these Ariel! Ariel is a British lunatic car manufacturer. Why lunatic? That’s the only road legal car which is very similar to Formula 1 car. It does not have a roof, not a boot, no electric adjusted seat, no parking sensors. It has one engine and four wheels with lunatic acceleration capability. The “normal” one with 300 horse power can reach to 100 kph in less than 3 seconds. That is the Veyron territory with the price of a chewing gum!
Engineers in Ariel thought that 300 horsepower is not enough for a car which does not have a roof and they decided to put more horses into engine. Now it has more than 500 horsepower with same car. It will be a limited edition to prevent sudden increase on widows.
However it still offers less than three seconds reach 100 kph but I am pretty sure, that acceleration will be the most unbelievable acceleration for a machine with four wheels. If I have chance to drive a Veyron or an Ariel Atom V8, I would definitely try the Ariel.
It is nearly impossible to spot one on street, the only opportunity to feel the Formula 1 car behaviour, it has everything which you could except from a car. But be aware small insects or fly can enter to your mouth while driving :)
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