Christian Louboutin iPhone Application

Christian Louboutin, the most exclusive shoe brand in fashion business. From one perspective, Christian Louboutin is no more than a pair shoes with red soles; from another perspective Christian Louboutin is a dream!

Louboutin dream is so powerful and irresistible, people are saving their wages, reducing their consumption to buy a pair these red dreams! Similar to Ferrari dream, however Christian Louboutin is definitely more affordable than a Ferrari. Whatever you save, it is nearly quite impossible to own a Ferrari.

Anyway, recently Christian Louboutin introduced their iPhone application. Similar to Louboutin website, it involves with creative bits! The best bit is the shoe box, while the image was downloaded a half open shoe box appears instead of a boring image “loading” image. Some of the Louboutin’s have 360-degree view and each of the product has technical information. It sounds a bit funny for Louboutin to name it as technical information but still it is important for many customers!

The other sections of the Christian Louboutin iPhone application are; Videos, 20 ans, What’s New, Wish List and Store Locator. Also, Men Section is not skipped!

The Christian Louboutin application is a product of cleaver design. Interface of the application is easy, does not consumer memory space too much and you can have same experience as you had on the web site.
iTunes link for the application