Aston Martin, Bentley 2 + ?

A few days I was surfing on Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s web sites. And I found something catastrophic :) I am pretty sure that, many people are surfing from this problem. People who won the lottery don’t know what to do with that! Many peoples’ dream is collapsed!
Aston Martin DBS Coupe and Bentley Continental Supersport. When you wish to buy these cars in coupe shape, you cannot have 2+2 seating! Yes, if you buy DBS Coupe or Supersport Coupe, you won’t be able to use the back seats. I know who cares! Actually I don’t care that much! But, back seats are not only for accommodating place for people seat, it is also offering extra boots space :) You can throw many things to back, when you have seat in the back :) The interesting fact; DBS Cabrio and Supersport Cabrio has back seat! How did you manage to add two extra seats when you are considering space for roof?
I am serious, coupe suppose have more space for extra seat and cabrio should suffer from finding place to add seats. In these conditions, it is totally the opposite. I really wish to receive response from Aston Martin and Bentley. What they were thinking while desiging these cars :)

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Bentley and Aston Martin Websites

Park your car like James Bond

For some people parking their car is a big issue. Some of them want to keep them inside their garage, some of them park them far away from their house just to feel safe. And some of them do not wish to show their car to others! Lastly, if you have limited area in your house, car is consuming unnecessary place. Or some people want to park their car in a style. Parking a car in stylish way??!! It does sound weird but it is now possible by German company Wörth!
Imagine you have just bought your Aston Martin DBS and would you park like a Honda Civic, leave it next to side walk, of course not, when you are driving the same with James Bond! If you could afford to buy DBS, it is quite clear that you would have a very nice house. So, the problem is how park your DBS like James Bond.
As you could see from the picture, there is no car. Actually, there are plenty of cars parked in this area but we cannot see them! No, they don’t have any military style camouflage. The surface this area is the top of the parking place. The cars are parked under the surface of this place and there is no visible entrance. Actually the whole area is equipped with invisible garages.
When you arrive to your house or this house, you just get out from your car and push the button to raise the parking place. Then drive through the parking place and push the button to disappear the parking space. It is a basic elevator for parking your car. Very effective, smart design and does not ruin the view or you suffer to park your car ;)
There is no stylish way to park your car :)
For more detail please click to this link. Invisible Garage
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Aston Martin

Chanel – Aston Martin

I only owned one thing from Chanel and it was fragrance Allure. But it was not that extremely popular like other brands, it had something different! Since the Chanel introduced to fashion market, Chanel did not focus on agressive marketing strategy to extend the brand to extremey edge. They were offering clothes to women and they still many offer cloths to women. For marketing and financial perspective, Armani is doing better as they offer Armani brand in different segment and for different target groups. On the other hand, targeting many groups has the hidden danger of killing being exclusive! We can see Louis Vuitton hand bag in anywhere on this planet and I cannot say LV is very exclusive brand. Also there are not many Chanel stores like LV stores! However, you don’t notice Chanel bag or anything with Chanel very easily, unless you know Chanel quite well! Only people who know Chanel can notice you! And you should a female to have this privilege.
There is similar brand to Chanel in automotive industry, Aston Martin. Like Chanel, Aston Martin suffered financial problems, lack of sufficient demand but never focused on revealing an SUV (except concept vehicle) or extending product range which are not affiliated with Aston Martin. You can recognize Aston Martin easily from its exhaust noise but not everyone can understand this. Aston Martin is a noticeable car with its magnificent design like Chanel but some people cannot recognize the brand very easily unlike Ferrari. Also you cannot buy Aston Martin from everywhere, it has quite limited dealer network. And people who want to be really exclusive prefer Aston Martin, knowing that a Ferrari can offer better technology or a Porsche offers better comfort and safety. That’s the thing which keeps unique brand alive!
I am not fashion expert, for any mistakes or errors please leave a comment :)
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Vogue UK Website
Aston Martin Website

Aston Martin Cygnet Targeting Youngs ;)

Aston Martin’s Toyota iQ based new small car Cygnet is targeting youngs. Very interesting! As they announced, Cygnet will be sold only to current Aston Martin owners, I really wonder how they could those young people with Aston Martin :) They could find some in Russia, China and in Gulf Countries! Overall, we can say that, this is the most effective PR campaign every made. Targeting to a group which cannot buy the product! Is this second Smart disaster?
I was expecting to see a more powerul Cygnet and not sharing engine with Toyota. Also, if they could manage to make it rear wheel driven and exhaust bypass valves like in proper Aston Martin. Even if you were driving your micro Aston Martin, you could have the chance to hear similar sound. The most important thing; they should have remapped the engine to produce more power and torque to differentiate from Toyota iQ.
Here is video from Aston Martin;


Why British cars are so different?

Nowadays, when we talk about British cars, our brain reminds us something! There are no pure British cars are left, I mean the main brands. A quick flash back; Land Rover and Jaguar (Tata), Aston Martin (ProDrive and Kuwait Investment), Bentley (VW), Rolls Royce and Mini (BMW). So; when we see a British car, we will see something which is not British. However; this became normal in automotive industry, many brands are owned by some other brands. I don’t stick on that too much, as long as the brand’s heritage and spirit are alive, different companies can be their owners.
However; I cannot say British cars have very good reputation in reliability and offer competitive high technology. If we compare with German cars, there is a huge gap between them. Actually, there is a huge gap between German cars and whole world! The interesting thing with British brands is their spirit did not die, despite the adverse things happened to them. We still turn our heads and look at the new Jaguar XJ or we want to own a Range Rover or win lottery and experience exquisite time with a Rolls Royce Ghost. All these dreams are supplying blood to British brands. But how did this happen? Why don’t we feel the same excitement to a Mercedes S350CDi 4MATiC or to a Audi A6 2.8 Quattro or to a Toyota Avensis?
All those brands have something in common. The visibility factor; yes their quantity is too much to be exclusive. And this is the main obstacle, however Maybach is very rare but people don’t rush to it. This shows the importance of brand heritage. Italian cars have similar characteristics with British cars and they are very exclusive but they don’t bring the combination of different materials to create luxury interior, we don’t feel like we are inside a British palace. Porsche is a car to be loved but its product range is too wide for a dream. Nobody wants to dreams a cheaper car. And complicated engine range, you need to learn which engine is better than others.
I am not saying those are cars bad or inadequate to be exclusive. Those cars are more reliable, offers wide range of choice. You could live your dreams with sacrificing your future wealth. Drives very well, performance is great. Actually, most of the British cars are good for watching. Ferrari offers great technology, great sound. I would prefer Ferrari over an Aston Martin. Mercedes offers everything better than Jaguar. Porsche is the perfection. But we all look at an Aston Martin DBS, when we hear it is approaching to us. That’s something which cannot be described with words! Is it power? No, most of the Mercedes AMG models offer more power. Is it brand heritage, who can remember everything about that brand so quickly. Or is it the design? Ferrari has fantastic look also. British cars are showing our dreams in real life. If we want to buy one, other alternative might be offering a better car. However if we have chance, I am pretty sure that we would like to drive an Aston Martin or Bentley Azure for some time.
Pictures are from (In order);
Bentley Azure T (Website)
Aston Martin DBS (Website)
Jaguar XJ (Website)
Rolls Royce Ghost (Website)

Who wants a front wheel drive, 97 horse power Aston Martin?

I pretty sure that, many people will say yes this questions. But I have bad news; as published on, Cygnet the very small Toyota iQ based Aston Martin is reserved for Aston Martin owners :(
And micro Aston Martin’s engine will not remmaped or increase its power! Why don’t you say more basically we don’t want to invest on new engine, we will try to see with Toyota engine. Very nice decision.
I really want to see how the Russian billionaires and petrol riched Gulf people will comment on this car!
And the price is very reasonable, around £20,000 – £30,000. I cannot deny the interior is very made and it has the Aston Martin design clues but that’s all.
If you want to a buy an Aston Martin based on Toyota with 1.3lt 100 horsepower engine and top speed of 170 km/h and front wheel drive; go for it!
If you buy this car, you won’t have any pleasure like other Aston Martin!

Proper Car Watch?

A watch is complementary of a luxury car. I am not making this suggestion, you can find this clue in Brand Management books. Also nobody denies this ;) As you cannot carry your car to a restaurant or a club or sport centre, you could carry your watch to show what you have outside ;)
Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre, TAG Heuer and Breitling share something in common. They all produce watches for cars brands. Panerai offers Ferrari, Jaeger-LeCoultre offers Aston Martin, TAG Heuer offers SLR and Breitling offers Breitling for Bentley watches. Most of them have some design inspirations from the car brand which they offer and some of them just reflect their price and luxury.
The point which I cannot understand or I should say; I am expecting to see is a reflection of that car in that watch. For example; when we look at Breitling for Bentley we cannot see a serious very significant different from other Breitlings. Watch experts could say the differences, but at least the number or dials should be same with Mulsane or Continental GT. There should be more than a small Bentley label in that watch. TAG Heuer is better but still, it is not reflecting the SLR properly. Panerai’s Ferrari collection has Ferrari design inspiration and similar number which are used on Ferrari cars. That is very nice, I really wish to carry some Ferrari in my watch which could diversify the watch from the other Panerais. I kept the best bit in the end; Jaeger-LeCoultre is also official Aston Martin watch and does not have any Aston Martin style design in that watch. AMVOX2 DBS Transponder model which has very bad model name AMVOX2. Just imagine, you are talking with your friend; “I bought a new watch, what is it? Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2, what ?” Of course this conversation will end up with “what”. Model name is terrible! But the watch has something very interesting. Like James Bond, you just touch a button and your Aston Martin DBS’s doors open and close ;) That’s what a call a proper car watch :)

Panerai Website
TAG Heuer Website
Bentley Website
Jaeger-LeCoultre Website

Ultimate Luxury Car by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennesy

LVMH holds sixty luxury brands and a major player in luxury business in different business categories.
And it is very well known luxury brand and a couple of years ago they were going to buy Aston Martin from Ford. (Ford is the retail store for automotive business, they have everything.)
And I designed a scenario if Aston Martin was owned by LVMH. They will offer very different type of luxury product as an option in Aston Martin. Like;
Watch: Hublot or Tag Heuer will be on option list, this is very definite.
Leather: LV, Fendi, Celine, Kenzo, Givenchy. This would be a magnificient leather option in automotive histroy.
Interior ceiling: Sure you would have options from Marc Jacobs to Donna Karan. For cheaper alternative, it would be DKNY.
Interior detailing: Of course, it would be De Beers, nothing else.
Colour choices: It will be offered after every Paris fashion show.
In can entertainment: Dom Pérignon champagne by Moët for passenger of course or while standing still.
Perfumé: For female customers it would be J’ Adore and for male customers Acqua Di Parma.
Car design: It should be made by Karl Lagerfeld.
Luggages: It would come from LV also, hand made ;)
Navigation and internet connection: Navigation; nearest LVMH brands and internet connection; e-luxury website.
And engine: Who cars after all these brands about the engine, handling and so on :)
I really wish to see one day LVMH will own a car brand.
Picture are from:
Acqua Di Parma, Céline, Moët, Louis Vuitton, Aston Martin

Christian Louboutin Limited Edition

Yes, this is a woman shoes brand. But it has very distinctive character, the red soles. And many women are willing own one pair of them. Even though, during the economic crisis, woman shoes sales did not face any problem!
So, why don’t any car brands offer a limited edition Louboutin series? I know it is risky, because car is muscular! And woman shoes are definitely feminine. However ladies are also buying cars and also buying shoes. Then, Ferrari California or Aston Martin V8 can offer totally black painted car with red paint underneath the body. Red paint should have nano technology to avoid scratches for long time.

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Ferrari, Aston Martin, Christian Louboutin


Aston Martin Cygnet

No, it is not a movie part from Terminator.
Cygnet is the new “pure” Aston Martin. I said pure because it is based on Toyota iQ, which is very nice car with sophicticated engineering. But Aston Martin just made a make-up and design a new clothes with same structure from Toyota iQ and will sell it as Aston Martin.
Come on, at least increase the power of the car or remap the engine control unit or any other tricks to make more Aston Martin less Toyota.
So, people will pay a lot extra for Aston Toyota Martin. Sorry but this car won’t sell! Ugly Truth.
Mercedes did with Smart, people do not buy cheap looking cars from luxury brands. Especially for Aston Martin, Cygnet is disaster.
I really admire Dr. Bez but I was not expecting to see too much Toyota too less Aston Martin.
(By the way, it looks like Aston Martin Smart.)