Audi A8 in The International

Audi A8 is a very nice elegant big saloon, made from aluminium and offering Quattro four wheel drive. It has a different character than its competitors. However, its sales performance is not performing as good as Quattro is performing on snow! A8 is one of the most famous cars on movies. Since Rodin, Audi A8 became took a part in many movies. In marketing terms, it is called product placement. Audi pays money to producer and they place the A8 on movie. Actually A8 is looking very cool on movies. Imagine Lexus LS 600h in International movie, bankers are driving hybrid Lexus which will competely dull ! Or BMW 7 Series; it would be very uncomfortable for bankers while they are thinking about what to invest. Mercedes S Class; we know it, it is appearing in Sex and the City. I was thinking about Maserati QuattroPorte; I really love this car. But it is an italian car, too much excitement for this movie! Also, bankers will not be willing drive a car which tends to break down and does not offer as much comfort as the competitors.
That’s enough with cars. I found a continuity mistake in International and I have placed those parts from the movie and Audi A8 was the star. In the first scene, we see the banker. He is talking and steering wheel is straight and after couple of minutes later the steering it headed to right. A8 did not move to anywhere and the banker did not touch the steering, but the A8 decided to go right. Very clever car ;)

Audi A1 vs. Mini and Fiat 500

Yes, Audi is again in small segment business! After they have crashed the A2 to wall very badly in 2002, they didn’t have the mood for a small Audi, until now. As the Mini made superb hit on hot playing lists, manufacturers started to think about introducing small cars but cool ones! As usual Ford had a chance to succeed and as usual they ruined it (StreetKa). Actually it was very nice car. Fiat became very confident and introduced the new Fiat 500 and they received a demand which they have never imagined of during a world crisis. After that Alfa Romeo introduced the MiTo which is the prettiest car on market! 
And in Ingolstadt, Germany where the Audi’s HQ is placed started to think. And they said “Ja, wir müssen einführen, ein kleines Auto”. Of course, they remembered their traumatic experience with A2 and hesitated a bit but they didn’t give up. Now Audi A1 is here :) It looks very good, actually millions times better looking than the R8. As German traditions, it will have every kind of technology Audi is offering in other ranges.
But there is a bit problem when I read the news on internet. Audi is expecting to sell 80.000 A1s per year !?! After reading several times, I noticed that they were not speaking of a year Mars calendar. They are planning to sell 80.000 in 365 days time. Because, Mini sold more than 60.000 last year and Fiat 500 had enormous demand. So why not? Actually 80.000 is very optimist prediction. Let’s be honest, people will not sell their Minis or 500s or MiTos to buy A1!

There is something which cannot be put into number, that’s the soul. Mini and Fiat 500 have heritage brought from old times, even though the Mini is more expensive than old times. But people want to live 1960s dream again in contemporary world. It is the same with Fiat 500; 500 is bringing the black and white Italian Shows from 1960s to HD quality! They are both retro and reflecting their character. Alfa Romeo MiTo; it is Alfa Romeo. It is like a love in first sight, you won’t think about the future. You just want to be together. I cannot describe Alfa Romeo better. And Audi A1; I am pretty sure that it has more gadgets than its competitors and offer better of everything and never break down. But it is just A1, nothing else! I am sure that, people who got bored from Mini and MiTo will buy A1. However expecting 80.000 in these conditions is a very optimistic approach to automotive. My prediction is; no more than 50.000 first couple of years. We will see it later ;)

Picture are from;
Fiat Website
Mini Website
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Family trip with reasonable car

Let’s imagine, you are living in Switzerland with two kids and your spouse. Actually this is something very usual to see in every country. And father of this family wants to drive a very fast car as he could effort without any problem. Also he wants to buy a sedan which could accommodate five people and a proper boots space. With these limitations, he cannot buy a Porsche 911 or Lamborghini! Also S63 AMG or Audi S8 is too big. So, the alternatives are becoming few and fewer.
The ideal family car with proper boot and accommodate five people and fast is Mercedes E63 AMG, BMW M5 and Audi RS6. All these cars are clinically insane! Despite their minor performance differences, you will lost your mind in any of these cars. However, they are speed is limited to 250 km/h. Up to that speed, your body can be squeezed due to high speed G shocks! But, this family wants more boots space and same lunatic power!
All these cars had a tiny problem, which was a big obstacle, catastrophic problem. They were not available in estate version for long and long year. People had depressions, they didn’t know what to do. Of course, Mercedes E500 Estate, BMW 550 Touring or Audi A6 4.2 Avant was very slow for their family. I really don’t know what their problem with speed is :) So, all these German companies had meeting and they said, we will solve this huge problem. (Actually this stupid design first came from Audi RS6, Audi has obsession with estate cars.) And solution to this problem is to offer lunatic cars with estate option!
Let’s imagine again; you have a family with two or three kids. And you want to travel to Nice for summer holiday. Sure you need huge boots for everything and you don’t want to buy SUV. Also you are suffering time problem, because you need to catch with Schumacher! And you will be in a lunatic family estate car which could speed up so quickly and stop so quickly. Actually these cars huge amount of horse power will not give you any pleasure while travelling for holiday. It will cause a huge problem!
Why? Firstly, all these lunatic cars extremely stiff suspension. You little kid can throw out everything. Also you wife will not be happy with the enormous exhaust sound which you love it very much and also annoying suspension. Of course, when you have a huge amount of torque which can move the earth, you will try to overtake every car and your trip will turn into family war. In addition, the huge tyres will make more noise, will be very uncomfortable, also these cars love to eat petrol.
So, I really wonder who is their target group! I discussed this problem with my friend Abidin and we came to a solution, nobody. No, may be a very small amount people. Like 10!

Pictures (in order);
Mercedes E63 AMG Estate
BMW M5 Touring
Audi RS6 Avant
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Mercedes Website
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A quick reminder: Mercedes S250 CDi BlueEfficiency

Yes, that’s a S Class and that’s 250 CDi. This letter and these number don’t tend to come up together. However, today’s emissions regulations, enviromental concerns and high fuel prices helped to emerge S250 CDi. This is the first four cylinder diesel engined S Class from Mercedes, actually it will be the lightest and smallest engine under a S Class ever. However, it won’t be that slow as you imagine. This four cylinder diesel engine offers 224 horsepower and 500 nm of torque. Those of you who doesn’t know what torque is, 500 nm is really many ;)
This new engine will produce only 155 CO2 emissions which is also very low and many people don’t care about this. The Mercedes S350 CDi is only 11 horsepower stronger than this new model. Here is a small future flashback for S Class. This new engine will dominate most of the emerging market where the high taxation determines the price. Competitors will suffer really bad, especially BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. Also this new model will catch some customers from Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. As the price of S250 CDi will lower, customers will be motivated to save more money to shift their level, actually their status level ;) In summary, there will be huge demand to this car.
I have only one question, as the S Class designed from heavier engine, what Mercedes will do to maintain ideal weight balance with this micro sized engine?

If you enjoy your life, don’t buy an Audi!

Enjoyment and Audi, they are very close with each other; if you are planning to buy RS4 or RS5 or R8. But this is not related with any of them. Actually it is related with Audi’s clean diesel engines!
Diesel and enjoyment sound contridiction but they are not anymore! Audi’s new commercial for US market is showing something very unusual with diesels. They are giving this message; “if you want to commit suicide, try something else”. Yes, driver of A5 is so depressed and so idiot, he places a hose inside the car from exhaust and starts the engine. We can see that, car’s tank is full of diesel but when the tank is empty, he is still alive. What are we learning? Audi loves you more than others brands :) Audi has the lowest emission level.
This commercial is relased to inform US customers about low emission levels of diesel engine and increase the competitive advantage over hybrid cars. As the US turn into hybrid land from pick up land, now German car companies are trying to inform their customers about how the diesel is efficient and clean. As the German car companies are expert diesel technology and they use this advantage in US market over hybrid cars. However, I am not sure is it a good way to educate about diesel by this commercial !Alternative link for video:

Picture is from;
Audi Website

Who wants Mercedes CLS Station!

Mercedes CLS is one of very successful segment creator car with its four door coupe style. When it was introduced in market, it was a fresh air. CLS was offering coupe style with four door’s comfort and 2+2 seating and sportive driving character. This can be a very good example for successful investment. After CLS, competitors did not respond quickly and waited. And Porsche announced Panamera, Aston Martin announced Rapide and Audi A5 Sportback. Yes, A5 Sportback is smaller than others but their concept is similar.
BMW did not respond to CLS. Instead, they revealed something called 5 GT! That’s a gran turismo with huge boot space. Don’t imagine something which looks like Maserati. That’s a uplifted BMW 5 Series station. Something similar to Audi A6 Allroader! Actually, I liked the 5 GT’s design but I would never buy it unless someone gives it for free. Probably most of the customers think the same. This kind of unidentified cars are quite hard to sale. If customers cannot identify them, how they could pay lots money and buy it?
I thought, Audi A6 Allroader and BMW 5 GT will not be followed by someone. Ohh no!! Mercedes will reveal something called CLS Station. It was first mentioned in 2008 as concept vehicle and I was expecting to see as a concept vehicle. But after six years, they decided to produce a coupe station. I really wonder who is their target group? People who didn’t buy the R Class? Or people who have lots of money and want to buy something which looks like weird?
Time to time, Mercedes makes mistakes like R Class, GL (I really like R and GL but they are expensive!). And this is the nature of business. But coupe station should not be a response for BMW’s pointless car. Instead of unidentified coupe station, introduce a small coupe which is better than CLC!
Sorry; BMW 5 GT is very risky car (proper niche car) and after new 5 Series, it will be extremely hard to sell it. And CLS Station will be worse. Remember, BMW used to have Z3 Coupe! Probably nobody remember it. Because, it was like a coupe station. Please, don’t try to stretch your product range just to extend it.
Last note; as mentioned on Autocar CLS Station will be on sale in 2012. It even has vehicle code, X218!

Pictures (in order)
Mercedes ConceptFascination (Concept car)
Mercedes CLS
Mercedes R

Picture are from;
Mercedes Website
BMW Website


On weekend Hyundai announced on TV about their sales target for their premium model Genesis in Turkey. This car is quite popular in US and in US and in US, won lots of awards and frankly the equipment is not that bad. And Hyundai’s target for Turkey is 150 Genesis. Unlike US, this car costs fortune; € 100,000 !!!
So you will say, Mercedes is too classic, BMW is too snoppish, Audi what’s that, VW that’s Audi’s father and you will depressed without any other alternative and desperate motivated to buy a Genesis; and Hyundai thinks that there 150 people like this in Turkey.
Even 150 people are ready buy Mercedes priced Hyundia; I would like to suggest something, Genesis has 3,8lt petrol engine, not diesel !!! For that price you can easily buy Mercedes E250 CDi with a lot of technological gadget which will take 6 months to understand each of them. Why should anyone buy a Hyundia Geneis with 3,8lt petrol engine and pay enourmous amount yearly tax? I really wonder.
Of course people will go and buy Mercedes E220 CDi, BMW 520d or Audi A6 2,0 TDi; okay some people will buy petrol engine cars. But Hyundia’s prediction for Genesis is like expecting to call down the global warming by fan !!!
Sorry but if the brand is not emerged as luxury, it does not have competitive advantage in luxury segments. Even the VW Phaëton is struggling to sale, how could Geneis achieve that target ?


Chanel, D&G and Audi

I know Audi does not fit with those other brands. Of course Audi is very respectful brand like other and older than others.
However they share something in common. They name their products in number.
D&G and Chanel are naming their fragrances with number, not all of them but some of them. We know the story about Chanel; Coco Chanel is presented with various frangrances and each of them had a number to be identified easily and she didn’t wish to change the No.5 and it became an icon.
D&G named its new fragrances with number and names; 1, 3, 6, 10 and 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to try them all. And also I really wonder the story behind this naming.
And Audi is naming its products with number and putting eihter A, S ,R and Q in front of them. Unfortunately, Audi’s products do not smell very nice or nobody is going to spray any liquids from those cars to their body. However, as the times passes Audi’s products are turning into better products. May be one day, they will be like Chanel No.5

New Audi A5 Sportback

Audi’s ambition to expand its product range is revealing more and more interesting cars.
A5 is a very good looking coupé.
New A5 Sportback kind of looking car but it is subjective :)
However the advertisement in Turkish magazines is looking better than the car ;)