Montblanc Augment Reality Campaign in Harrods, London: David Geffen Art Gallery

Montblanc, Harrods and Aurasma. Montblanc is one of the best writing instruments company and probably the most luxurious one. Many people recognise the Montblanc from its White Star logo located on the top of each Montblanc pen. 
Harrods is another iconic brand in luxury, or it is the birthplace of luxury department store. There is only one Harrods store in the world and it is the most iconic and remarkable one. Unlike other brands, Harrods did not extend store locations and kept itself unique. 
And Aurasma, probably you never heard of it! It is the augment reality application for iPhone, iPad and Android phones. It is founded in UK two years ago and became a milestone of augment reality world. It is a very simple application; you install the application on your mobile then found a photo that is identified by Aurasma application and just place your phone in front of the photo. The augment show starts!
It is very easy to use and you will see photo or application or video on your mobile.
Montblanc opened an Art Gallery (David Geffen) by Aurasma application. First of all, you need to go to Harrods and find the Montblanc display. To find Montblanc, you need walk and walk in front of Harrods and just before the building finishes, you will the virtual art gallery on your left side. 
Secondly, you need to start the Aurasma app in your mobile and place your camera towards square picture that looks like a QR code. And please be patient, due to heavy mobile internet traffic on that area, it may take some time to load the art gallery on your mobile. There are sixteen artwork of David Geffen.
After that, you will see the art gallery in your mobile, and you can go around the gallery by touching forward and backward buttons. 
But don’t forget this is an augment reality, when you move your phone somewhere else, you will stop seeing the gallery, you need to keep your phone at the same position during your visit to virtual gallery. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day :(
To download Aurasma, you can either scan the QR code on the Harrods’s display or just search it on iTunes or Google Play.