Interview with Rob Halloway (Mercedes-Benz UK)

Today’s interview is with Rob Halloway, PR Manager of Mercedes-Benz UK. He is the person responsible for the passenger and commercial vehicles, and one of the most active Twitter users from the automotive industry. We know each other through the Twitter and the MIPAA.
From the beginning, Mercedes-Benz did a great hospitality for me. They picked me up from the train station with a Mercedes C350 Coupe. It was a fully loaded vehicle with everything, radar guided cruise control, blind spot system, traffic sign recognition, and ventilated seats! Five-star transportation.
Mercedes-Benz HQ is always amazing place for someone, who likes cars. They have many different types of vehicles in one place, from trucks to AMG high performance vehicles. Actually, my best piece was Lego Unimog that has more than one thousand parts and takes around at least six hours to build it!
With Rob, we talked about the new Mercedes vehicles. In 2011 and 2012 Mercedes revealed many new vehicles; SLK, CLS, SL, M-Class, B-Class and Actros truck. He summarised each vehicles’ unique feature and explained the new crash prevention system in B-Class.
In addition, we talked about the social media, its role in automotive industry and whom should manage it!
And, his journey with the Actros truck for a camping trip! And you will see what he drive at work ;)

Again, thank you very much to all Mercedes-Benz team for their great hospitality :)

The Actros camping post is here!

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Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheels are the same!

Interesting coincident with Mercedes models. When you take a closer look to new Mercedes models, you will see one thing in common, the steering wheel. I know it does not sound that important but, Mercedes offers the same steering wheel on these models; B, C (Sedan, Estate, Coupe), E (Sedan, Estate, Coupe, Cabrio), CLS and SLK
The important point is, regardless of the model and the price tag. The steer wheel looks the same, in terms of design and quality. And this is not something really nice to see, when you buy an expensive Mercedes!
Why they do it? In order to save costs, because nobody will ever change decision to purchase a competitor because of the steer wheel. And this save money for Mercedes and sustains the same sales figures ;)
C Sedan
C Coupe
E Sedan
E Coupe
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Mercedes M-Class and B-Class: Design Similarity

There is an unusual similarity between two new Mercedes models, M-Class and B-Class. The new M-Class looks brilliant from the front, but I cannot say the same for the rear end! The new B-Class looks like pretty much similar to the preceding model, but each angle of  is totally new, but you still have the similar look. Beside, B-Class offers state of art new technologies for its segments. Such; radar guided cruise control, collision prevention system.
When I was checking the rear end of the new M-Class, I realised that it looks similar to new B-Class. It sounds a bit weird, but M-Class has a very similar boot door to B-Class.  When I first saw the rear end, I remembered the B-Class immediately.
Have a look, may be you will see the similarity as I do!

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