Small Family MPV Review: Ford B-Max vs. Fiat 500L

Ford B-Max vs. Fiat 500L, I know you are not very familiar with this type of article in this space. But time-to-time, I want to share my opinions with you.

Ford B-Max and Fiat 500L are the small family MPVs. Ford B-Max offers more conservative design with sliding rear doors and Fiat 500L is the Fiat 500 with steroids. In my opinion, Fiat 500L has a better design in both exterior and interior than the Ford B-Max. But this does not mean that Ford B-Max does not look good, it also does! Especially the sliding rear doors are very practical for tight parking spaces and loading items to rear seats.

What I perceive from these two cars, Fiat 500L is more fashionable small family MPV for families whom do not wish to vanish their sense of fashion due to their larger family. On the other hand, Ford B-Max is designed for practicality more than fashion sense. It is definitely for families whose primary concern is the practicality!

Both Ford and Fiat are in similar price range in many market however, due to taxation for different engines size you may see difference prices.

Ford B-Max offers petrol engines of 1.4-lt 90 HP, 1-lt Turbo EcoBoost 100 / 120 HP and 1.6-lt 105 HP for PowerShift automatic gearbox. Diesel are; 1.5-lt 75 HP and 1.6-lt 95 HP. Except 1.6-lt petrol engine rest of the range is offered with 5-speed manual. This is the only disadvantage of Ford B-Max, limited automatic gearbox option and 5-speed manual.

Fiat 500L offers petrol engines of 1.4-lt 95 HP and 0.9-lt 105 HP. Diesels are 1.3-lt 85 and 1.6-lt 105 HP. Automatic gearbox is offered only with 1.3-lt diesel engine and the rest is 6-speed manual.

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Ford and Fiat

Ford B-Max Hologram Competition

Ford recently introduced the model B-Max. This is a new small MPV with a distinctive design. You might be thinking, why it is distinctive than its competitors? It has a rear hinged sliding doors. These doors may look a bit different, but definitely makes it easier to getting inside and outside. I found it very practical, not my style for ideal for families!

In order to celebrate the introduction of B-Max, Ford started a competition on internet. First you need to click to this address (, log in with either Facebook and Twitter account and fill the form than, you will have opportunity to win a B-Max hologram model. If you wonder how it looks, just check the video below.

Ford B-Max:












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