Vertu Ti with Google Android

Vertu Ti, the Google Android powered Vertu phone. Many people were waiting for this phone. Unfortunately, the ties with the Nokia prevented Vertu to expand to Android market a bit late. However, late better than never! Vertu Ti model uses the Google Android operation system with a very competitive hardware configuration. 
During the Walpole British Luxury press day, I had chance to experience the Vertu Ti model. Ti is powered by a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. I really don’t know why but Vertu Ti offers memory card expansion slot. Honestly, I found the memory card expansion slot a bit unnecessary. Many people never use it and become an unused feature of the many mobile phones. However, memory expansion is a plus for marketing purposes! 
The body of the Vertu Ti is made from titanium, literally it is unbreakable and delivers a very solid feeling. Moreover, the touch screen of Vertu Ti is from sapphire. Unlike other many other brands, Vertu is not using the legendary Gorilla Glass brand for the touch screen. Instead of that, Vertu developed the touch screen from a very tough material, sapphire. Literally, you cannot scratch it!
Vertu Ti offers an excellent Android experience, which you will not regret it. Also the exquisite craftsmanship of Vertu creates a great experience. However, the only down side the pixel-per-inch value, 252ppi. Apple and Samsung increased the competition for PPI values and the numbers became so high, even the normal eyes cannot understand difference. Despite the relatively low PPI value of Vertu Ti, the speakers are made by Bang & Olufsen!
Vertu Ti is a pure luxury technology good. Ti may not be very competitive in some areas but in overall, there is no alterative to Vertu Ti in luxury mobile phone market.


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A3 iPad Dock: Product Review

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A3 iPad Dock, the perfection of Apple manufacturing matches with seamlessly with this sound system. I usually don’t use this type of language but Bang & Olufsen deserves this!

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A3 may sound like a typical iPad dock, which you can find on anywhere. However, attention to detail is not like others. First of all, I want to talk about the docking system. Bang & Olufsen offers two types of iPad bumpers to dock your iPad to BeoPlay A3. The white one is for the iPad 3th generation and the black one is for the iPad 1st and 2nd generations. Result of placing your iPad into Bang & Olufsen bumpers, and docking into BeoPlay A3 is the perfection. There is no gap or anything that can disturb your view! BeoPlay A3 seems like manufactured by the Apple. I really appreciate the Bang & Olufsen’s precise engineering.

The sound system; as you expected the BeoPlay A3 gives you a great sound experience with this mobile sound system. I am saying mobile, because it has on-board battery to charge the iPad and keep the system running. So, you will not be bothered with the cables!

Sounds quality is perfect, I cannot say anything negative about this. Once you started to use a Bang & Olufsen you cannot switch to another brand. So, that’s why Bang & Olufsen charges a lot of money for their car sound systems.

Moreover, BeoPlay A3 can understand how the sound system is placed and revises the speakers according to this position. At any angle, BeoPlay A3 gives you the best sound experience.

And lastly, Bang & Olufsen offers %50 discount with this sound system. If you are thinking about to buy one, this is the right time. There are couple of them available in Birmingham Bang & Olufsen store and online as well. You will never regret to buy BeoPlay A3. And if you are concerned, you can buy a second hand first generation iPad and leave it in the BeoPlay A3.

One more point, BeoPlay A3 turns your iPad into the best TV system and offers a great movie experience.


Audi S6 and Bang Olufsen: $10000 Marriage

Audi and Bang Olufsen sound system, two luxury brands coupled with each other on an Audi vehicle. But with a respectful price tag!
When you order an Audi S6, you may order the Bang Olufsen sound system for $10,000 or €7800 or £6300. In any currency, the price of Bang Olufsen sound system is very very expensive. And here is the explanation for this price from Audi;
“Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System delivers a sound experience like in a concert hall, providing for maximal sound quality.
Designed specifically for the Audi A6, features 15 high-performance speakers and two amplifiers which create 1,200 watts of stunning surround sound, balanced to suit the specific acoustic properties of the car’s interior. The system constantly and automatically adapts the sound characteristics to the vehicle’s speed and background noise providing the highest level of quality. The digital signal-processing amplifier takes output from standard stereo sources such as CD players, iPods or DAB radios and creates exceptional five-channel surround sound.” (Audi UK Website, 2012)
According to this reference information; I can say that Bang Olufsen creates a sound system that is designed for car interior, 1200 watts of surround sound and state-of-art amplifier. I guess, the background noise according to vehicle speed is officially fake engine noise. I hope I am wrong.
Does Bang Olufsen worth this money? It is up to you!

Audi S6 is powered by 4-0 TFSi V8 petrol engine with 420 HP and 550 Nm of torque. S6 needs only 4.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

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Les Benjamins Inspired by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish company well known for its state-of-art audio and video systems with its contemporary design philosopy. I am saying contemporary design, because Bang & Olufsen systems are not only products to satisfy your needs but also, each of their piece is individually designed with brushed aluminium, wood and high quality plastic.Therefore, each Bang & Olufsen product gives the premium quality.

This lead many car manufacturer to offer Bang & Olufsen for their sound system. Such as; Aston Martin, BMW and Audi. Especially in luxury car market, Bang & Olufsen’s design philosophy perfectly couples with the harmony of the luxury vehicle. Unlike other products, there is no feeling of cheapness with Bang & Olufsen.

I didn’t write this post for promoting Bang & Olufsen. My blogger friend Duygu recently found a British Fashion brand called Les Benjamins. I know it does not sound British but it is. And Les Benjamins’s collection is mainly concentrated on t-shirt with messages. And this is the mutual interest of Bang & Olufsen and Les Benjamins.

Les Benjamins’s t-shirts feature this message Bang & All of Sin. When you read it loudly, you will realise that it does sound the same as Bang & Olufsen. And interesting coincident. May the creative team of Les Benjamins never thought about Bang & Olufsen, but there is an obvious similarity.

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Ümit Aktay, Bang & Olufsen, Les Benjamins

Aston Martin Bang & Olufsen

For many years I was expecting to see the raising loud speakers of Aston Martin Bang & Olufsen sound system. Hopefully, yesterday I had chance to spot an Aston Martin during the career event at University of Birmingham and the Aston Martin’s team was very kind to let me record the show :)


Clubbing while travelling

During last five years car manufacturers found a new obsession after horsepower race. Actually this race did not catch every ones attention, as we focus horsepower, torque, safety. But below those lists there are some numbers which are getting bigger and bigger without any reason. When you tick the box next those numbers, you accept to turn your car into a mobile Ministry of Sound Club! Unfortunately, you won’t see any drunk celebrities’ under wear or drinking tequila shots like mineral water :)
Yes, those numbers are sound systems watt values! And they are getting bigger every year. Sound engineers are saying car’s interior is not very acoustics place for very powerful sound system, instead of huge watt powers we suppose to have more clear sound. I think car manufacturers skipped this small detail and started to race like they race for horsepower. Actually I love horsepower race, it makes me feel good. Mercedes offers 612 horsepowers in a sedan, Bentley unleashed 660 horsepower from British stables, Bugatti trained 1001 special horse for Veyron. When you have so much horse in a car, why should I need so many watts in my sound system? Naturally, as I also accept automotive is not just horsepower. All those extreme cars are consumed by rich people and they are looking for the same luxury level as they have it in their houses. I appreciate Bentley to offer Naim, Mercedes offers Harman/Kardon. The interesting point is who is going to rise to volume up to those thousand of watt levels? Car’s interior is not as big as your living room, okay Maybach is bigger than most of the usual houses, but in general that those very high sound powers will just help to lost concentration while driving and help to lose your hearing ability as fast as the accelerates to 100 km/h.
Aston Martin DBS: 517 horsepower, 1000 watts Bang&Olufsen
Bentley Mulsanne: 505 horsepower, 2200 watts Naim
Bentley Continental GT Speed: 610 horsepower, 1100 watts Naim
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport: 1001 horsepower, 300 watts Puccini (The most reasonable one!)
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