Thank you Ford Europe :)

Since I started this blog, several car companies visited by blog and this is a great motivation to keep writing. I was not expecting that car companies could find my blog and keep reading it. But it happened! From millions of blog around the internet, they have found me :)
However, there is one company kept reading my blogs frequently! That’s the one who sold every European brand and made profit recently. That is Ford! Actually, Ford Europe.
People from Ford Europe Cologne, Germany and Basildon, UK. I don’t who is reading and which department is reading but they are reading it. Despite the fact that, I am not writing things which they could like them.
I am not writing these things to criticize Ford. I am writing these criticisms to express my thought about Ford to help to make better cars. I know that, my blogs will not change any production line or any car feature, but at least I wanted to share my ideas. I am driving Ford Mondeo and that’s a really nice. New Mondeo is an excellent one, even the S-Max (I found people carriers are boring) is nice people carrier. However, there are some serious facts (I know, Ford knows these also) which become obstacle in front of their competitive advantage.
Ford is offering great designs, much better VW even better than Audi. But but but; Ford should also offer compact engines like VW and better production quality inside the car, features should be competitive, customers should find some reasons to buy new models. Offering same engines and four-speed auto gearbox will not emerge motivation. I really want to see 1,6lt turbo diesel automatic Mondeo and also 1,4lt turbo petrol engine automatic Mondeo. Also 1,3lt turbo diesel automatic Fiesta or Focus. Also for Kuga! Engine range, automatic gearboxes and interior quality should be revised. I know that, you are doing your best but you can do it better :) Despite the fact, Ford US is still producing Lincoln Navigator.
I do hope that, new Mondeo will offer more competitive engines! Ford is doing great in emerging markets and emerging markets like Turkey have very high tax rates. So, if you want to increase your market share, offer new technology compact engines ;)