Jeremy Clarkson vs. Ben Collins: The Stig

Jeremy Clarkson strikes back for The Stig! Ben Collins, TheStig from 2003 to 2010 was the second Stig in BBC Top Gear show. Collins kept his identity undercover for eight years until he said enough is enough. 
All of a sudden, Ben Collins revealed his identity and a huge dispute started with Jeremy Clarkson. They did not argue on TV face-to-face but in media, they used their all power. Clarkson wrote about his feelings for Ben Collins on his columns and Collins wrote a book about his life as The Stig. Then Clarkson made a short footage of The Stig, where they have many of them and implied that Ben Collins is not the only Stig.
However, this battle vanished from the media and we almost forget. Until now!
Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed his book about The Stig, The Stig: The Untold Story. I haven’t read the book yet, therefore I cannot comment on Clarkson’s words. But I know something, the Clarkson strikes back!
Ben Collins:
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New Peugeot 208 MediaCity Press Launch

Peugoet 208, today Peugeot UK launched the 208 model. The event took place in Mediacity, Manchester. The 208 event started with the tour at Mediacity! Mediacity is recent development for the TV business and where BBC Manchester is placed. There many different media groups are placed and BBC Sport is here as well. The whole development is recently constructed and it is very very new! And also everything is in HD.
We had a great tour around the Mediacity complex and visited the high definition studios of BBC and other channels. And after the tour, we end up with the Peugeot’s 208 event in a secret place.
The Peugeot 208 event starts from the 1980s with Peugeot 205, the walls are covered the magazines from those years, we had chance to play a retro Atari game, and also the retro TV advertisements were rolling. The next room was featuring the legendary 206 and the memories from end of 1990s and 2000s. Even though, Peugeot 206 is more than ten years old but still does look nice. This room was also rolling the advertisement from the last century and the millennium.  The next room was featuring the Peugeot 207. And it was a nice flashback to year 2006. Yes, Peugeot 207 was revealed in year 2006 and I was really shocked when I hear this. I really thought, 207 was  not that old. I guess the design of 207 manipulated my sense of time.
The Peugeot 208? The next room had the 208 but you need to wait until tomorrow for the photos and more.

The Stig’s dilemma explained with Katie Price :)

Stig! He is the most important issue of automotive industry. CO2 levels, global crisis, high petrol prices are not that important for automotive! Everyone knows the answers of these problems, thousands of people are writing about solution every second. But nobody knows who the real Stig is! Until, last couple of weeks.
The white Stig from BBC TopGear is always a mystery for people. There are millions of predictions for Stig, some people thought it was Schumacher or other former Formula 1 drivers. The main reason for this curiosity, is the unbelievable talent of Stig. He was faster than any Formula 1 driver on TopGear’s test track, sorry except Barrichello!
Stig never failed during the laps, except Koenigsegg without wing. He is the perfection of driving. And nobody could able to see his face. I thought the TopGear’s stars saw Stig with casual cloths but he was inside his white suit all the time and his real personality only known by very few people in BBC.
A very basic Google search easily proofs his popularity! 17 millions of hits for Stig and only 10 millions of hits for silicone powered Katie Price (aka Jordan). This is unbelievable, a car show character have more attention than partially naked women!
From this very simple calculation, Stig was supposed to earn more money and Katie Price! However the reality of Stig’s income was the same reality of Katie’s silicone boobs. Fake! From the news, we can understand BBC was giving only a micro portion of Stig phenomenon to Ben Collins and he realized this, like every normal human being. Then he started to write a book about Stig. Unfortunately this happened with previous Black Stig also, he wrote book and BBC killed him. The identity crisis of Stigs is based on money! Because, BBC is making fortune from Stig and he is just making more money and giving driving instructor lessons.
As long as BBC keeps Stig’s budget as tight as Katie’s t-shirts, each Stig will reveal a book :)
By the way my suggestion for the Stig is Tiff Needell!
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Top Gear; just only a big budget ?

Even if you are not interested on car shows, you would probably once watch a small clip from BBC Top Gear. For more than 30 years and from different producers and presenters, Top Gear is a living legendary. Yes, some people don’t like them but they should be respected for keeping Top Gear alive for long years. I know that car shows sounds very easy. Make a call to media relations of manufacturers and request test cars and make some shooting then add music and speech. That’s all ! Here is the senseless, pointless, meaningless car show. I think some people are not aware that, you can find hundreds of videos like this on YouTube. And therefore, most of the car shows are very boring. Some of them are changing their show’s name every year. It started from 5. Gear, next year 6. Gear, next year 7. Gear and next year 8. Gear (This show does not have any relation with Fifth Gear). Finally and eventually the show ended, it suppose to end because car show was very close to be turned into truck show. “As we change the gear every year, we are in tenth gear and it is only in trucks. And here is the new MAN TGX”. Before this happened, they stopped the show :)
If you Google about car shows, you can find millions of like this and they always make the impression of “this is a totally different show”. Yes, totally different some of them are confusing the features of vehicles, or exaggerate so much even the manufacture is shocked! When we think about Top Gear, they are saying what true is or wrong about the cars. Clarkson, exaggerate time to time but I cannot agree him more about BMW X6.
And if you talk with producers, they will say “Top Gear has lots of money and we don’t”. That’s a real excuse and I cannot say anything. Until today, I have just found a car show in Cypriot TV, Mega TV. Its name is Traction. As I know very very little Greek and I have no idea what they are saying but it was entertaining! I don’t think that, they have budget like Top Gear to spend for Range Rover crew car! However, they did an excellent job with that limited budget. So, what we learn from this; if you want to do something very well money is not the issue all the time. Because, creativity is not nourished by wealth. You are just creative or not and this is making the difference ;)
Sorry the poor picture quality for Traction. I could not find their logo :(

Top Gear, Gold Jacket :)

BBC Top Gear is the most very well known car programme on earth. And for last fourteen seasons, they made us laugh even the automotive business was sinking :) I really like the way they review the cars and most of the time, I agree with them. However, there is one such thing I won’t agree with them. That’s their sense of fashion :) I am not an expert on fashion but James May’s gold jakcet makes it clear that; listen their top tips for cars but they try their fasion style ;)
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BBC Top Gear Season 14 Episode 7