Bentley Mulsanne Cabrio

Bentley Mulsanne Cabrio is coming! Since 2009, when the Mulsanne was released to public, I was waiting for a cabrio Mulsanne. Because, when the Mulsanne was released Azure was out of production in a few months’ time. So, this lead to a gap in market and finally Bentley released information about Mulsanne cabrio.
According to Bentley press release; cabrio Mulsanne is inspired by luxurious, high-performance powerboats (Not slow ones!). With unrivalled combination of chic contemporary design and sumptuous materials (I don’t know what is sumptuous). Lastly, painstaking attention to detail and supreme refinement.
For my international readers; Mulsanne cabrio will offer superb interior like nothing else, production quality will be spotless, design and attention to details will be a new benchmark.
Honestly, I really love the Mulsanne. It is a great combination of traditional with contemporary automotive technology. 


Bentley Accident in Monaco

I am reporting this a bit late but I couldn’t stop myself writing this. The most stylish car crash happened in Monte Carlo last week. This lady in Bentley Azure gently touched the other cars. As the Azure weighs more than an average house, this gentle touch destroyed couple of cars with reasonable prices!!!
These unfortunate cars are; Porsche 911, Aston Martin Rapide, Mercedes S Class (This is the cheapest one) and a Ferrari F430. Total cost of gentle touch is estimated more than €100,000. This sounds much but all these brands are charging lots of money for repair costs. Unless their owners will take to private workshops, they have to bear this cost. Sorry, the owner of the Bentley’s insurance will bear this cost. Unfortunately, this lady will lose her discount on her insurance!
What can I suggest after this crash? If you have a heavy car, you will always create impressive crashes regardless of the speed.
There is no injury involved with the crash.

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