Maybach: An Automotive Tragedy

Finally, Maybach’s future is getting clear. Mercedes’s cash burning luxury brand, which was revealed to compete with Bentley and Rolls Royce did not manage to compete as it was expected. When Rolls Royce revealed the Phantom, Maybach could not resist to this pressure and started to lose market share rapidly. Furthermore, recently global economic crisis made things worse. Maybach became the brand, which is funded by Mercedes to keep alive. Usually, a brand generates profit and keep business floating. Unfortunately, Maybach did the opposite.
As usual, rumours started for Maybach; it can be removed, a new model can be produced and designed with Aston Martin. However, these entire alternatives were emerged after the new Maybach products, which also failed (Zepelin, Laundrette). Recently, Mercedes decided on an another option. Turning Maybach brand into stickers! Similar to AMG, customers will have chance to turn a regular S, CL and GL Classes into Maybach class luxury and they will have the Maybach sticker at the back end. Bentley does this with Mullinear and customises to vehicle with customers’ demand and turn it into a more luxury vehicle.
Within current condition, this is the best option for the Maybach brand. It nearly impossible to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley, and there is no reason to pour money into this business. However, customers can bear an extra cost to have the Maybach class luxury without bearing the Maybach style price tag.

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