Autosport International 2013 Show: Model Photos

Autosport International 2013 Show started today in NEC, Birmingham. I managed to attend in the first day of the show for the and hopefully it wasn’t very crowded, thanks to press day. As usual, it was so big and there were many stands to see. However, I will start with the models in the show!


Mini Countryman Taxi in Birmingham

Mini, today in Birmingham people saw many Minis were going around the city centre. Many people may think, it was a Mini gathering. Actually, it was a Mini gathering arranged by The Cube as a part of the Adee Phelan salon’s first celebration.
Nearly one month ago, The Cube started to find people in Birmingham who drives Mini and, arranged a meeting for today. Unfortunately, I could not see the Mini crowded while going around the Birmingham city centre, I had opportunity to follow them from the Twitter. Hopefully, I caught them in The Cube. Because, all those Minis were gathered for the Adee Phelan’s birthday celebration as I told you. For people who don’t know the Adee Phelan, it is a luxury hair salon.
The greatest part of this event was the Mini Countryman Taxi. They covered a Countryman as a taxi and it was looking great! May be Mini should target on taxi market as well. Because, Countryman offers large legroom for passengers, a large boot as well and it looks nice! However, Mini’s image may not benefit from this.
Anyway, here some photos from the event.


Maserati GranTurismo: Mailbox, Birmingham, UK

Maserati GranTurismo is one of the very few cars I really wish to see in close. Unfortunately, I did not have opportunity to spot a GranTurismo until recently. Graypaul BirminghamMaserati dealer placed a Maserti GranTurismo Sport. GranTurismo was introduced in 2007 and you can say it is a bit old. Nearly five years had passed but there is no sign of the age when you look at a Maserati GranTurismo.
GranTurismo still looks exquisite, simple and elegant. And powered by a V8 (405 PS of power and 460 Nm of torque, 5,2 sec to 100 kph, 285 kph top speed). Engine figures are not as impressive as it looks but GranTurismo only weight 1,8-tonne and this makes lighter than many other big coupes!

My personal opinion, GranTurismo offer a superb exterior and perfect interior with excellent finishes in details, and V8 creates a great symphony. Therefore, GranTurismo is really a unique and executive! Definitely worth a look.


Goodwood Festival of Speed: Land Rover Discovery 1.000.000 th

Land Rover Discovery’s 1.000.000 th model travelled from Biringham, UK to Beijing, China in 50 days by covering 12.800 KM (8000 MLS). And that Discovery 4 was in Goodwood Festival of Speed, with the dust as well. The Discovery 4 did not have the memory seats, it would be a bit uncomfortable not to have this function for a long journey. However, interior was perfectly clean despite 12.800 KM!


Nigel Mansell in Birmingham

Yesterday was a very remarkable day for me. It wasn’t like an ordinary or depressing Sunday. I think it was the best Sunday, I have ever seen!
For very long time, I was expecting to see a Formula 1 legend. Unfortunately, Senna died long time ago, Schumacher is still racing, Alain Prost is in France and I am not living in France! I think I forgot one more person, Nigel Mansell. If you were watching Formula 1 during 90s, it is impossible forget him. Competition between Prost, Mansell and Senna were the best times of Formula 1. And they were racing with the cars almost made from plastic and attached with a lunatic engine. They were some regulations but it wasn’t like nowadays.
Nigel Mansell retired from Formula 1 and years passed away. Time to time, I saw Mansell on TV or in magazines. But I never thought, one day I can met with him! And I never knew that  Nigel Mansell was from Birmingham, where I live at the present.
Couple of weeks ago, I checked the website and I noticed that Mansell will in Birmingham. It was a very big surprise for me. I have been waiting to see a Formula 1 driver but I never thought, it would be this easy.
Yesterday, I went to city centre to see Mansell. And hopefully I didn’t wait for long time.  Nigel Mansell was a few metres away from me. The legendary Formula 1 driver, a person who can drive a Formula 1 car. This is similar to see a rock star. I don’t think there is a big difference between them. I think many people were thinking like me and it was more crowded than I expected.  Nigel Mansell talked nearly for one hour and told about his Formula 1 memories and his life in Birmingham.
Hopefully, Nigel Mansell stayed longer than I thought and I had chance to see him from a very close distance. But many people were coming and going, it wasn’t that easy to talk with him. Of course, I had a very important question to ask! Eventually, I manage to find him with fewer people. And asked my question, “What do you drive”. His answer was very political, similar to dialogues on BBC Parliament. “I drive everything!” I think he is right, Nigel Mansell can drive any car Nigel Mansell wants, none of the manufacturers will hesitate to lend him a car.
However, Nigel Mansell mentioned some brands! Mercedes, Ferraris and Range Rover. The important point on this sentence is the Ferraris. It was plural and like me, many other people understood when he meant! Nigel Mansell has couple of Ferraris :)
I couldn’t get an exact answer but now I know what he drives regularly :) 
Lastly, Nigel Mansell was very kind to everyone, there were lots of people were rushing to met with him, and Nigel Mansell never get bored of taking pictures or giving a signature for quite long time.
Why he was here? Nigel Mansell received his Walk of Star honour.
More pictures are available at Facebook Photo Album

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