iF Design Awards. Hoppss that’s BMW X3 !?!

iF Design is located in Hanover, Germany. And every year in different categories they give award to product’s design. This award is an important advertisement tool to increase competition among your competitors. And also it is a respected award. In general, if you receive this award, you product and your brand shifts to a different level. Being awared by iF is proof of your quality in design, production and quality; those are the most important thing for a brand.
However, there are some interesting awards which caught my attention and I would like to share with you.
Let’s start from 2009;

They awarded Continental HTR2 Truck Tyre. You didn’t read wrong, a truck tyre is awarded by design award. And they give the reason why they liked it. And there is short preview from their comments.

“The side wall is because of its serrated surface and the big smooth lettering best possible readable. In a “service-label” all important informations, like tire size, segment and application icon, are combined.”
From 2008;
BW 154 AP Heavy tandem roller, I have never heard for this brand but we all know this machine. And I am pretty sure that, none of us had emerged emotional relationship with this thing :) I really don’t know what is different from other heavy tandem rollers but gave award :)
And let’s jump to 2004;
They have awared BMW X3. Yes, X3 you didn’t read wrong or there is no typing miskake! iF is awarding to really nicely designed products. The previous ones, I mentioned even though they are interesting products I am pretty sure that, there is significant design difference to be awarded. But come on! This is X3, the car nobody likes it, even the owners don’t like it. They bought it because it was BMW. Also we could see that, iF wrote lots of comments about every product but they did not write anything. No comment !

A proper reason to buy an iPhone

iPhone became more popular than anything on earth. I am sure that at least five of your friends have already an iPhone. Despite this popularity, it has a special feature “accelerometer”. This feature helps to measure g-force and 0-100km/h sprints.
I think iPhone’s this function emerged an idea in BMW’s HQ to connect car and phone. Of course, not for talking! BMW announced “BMW M Power” application, this application lets you to see your g-force, zero to hundred acceleration, distance travelled, lap time and more. As I don’t have an iPhone and BMW M Powered car, I could not use the software and express my experience :(
This is very good motivation to buy iPhone! And we need to find a BMW M car to connect the phone.
By the way, the movie played on BMW’s website had a synchronize problem. BMW X6 M was eating the corner very fastly and the iPhone was showing only 50km/h.
The movie
Picture are from;
BMW Website

BMW X6, Ultimate Something !?!

Last weekend, on BBC Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the BMW X6. For those who don’t know what X6 is, there is a short description. X6 is not a name of mobile phone from BMW, it is more complicated than that! BMW X6 is sport activity coupe, in more understandable terms that is a coupe look, big from outside, small from inside, lack of off roading vehicle which looks like an off roader. Probably you should have seen one and you couldn’t understand what that was.
Honestly, BMW X6 is the most agile SUV and handles like a go-kart. When you consider the size of X6 and its handling ability, it is marvellous. That’s a piece of engineering! If you try to do the same tricks with Range Rover or any other SUV, you would probably rollover. However, X6’s driving pleasure does not provide enough motivation to pay its huge price tag. That’s a very good car but it has lots of annoying features which can be considered as obstacles to prevent you to buy it.
It handles very well, actually it handles too well and your whole body jumps along the car unless you are not driving in airport runaway. The iDrive, which cannot be used by anyone who has a valid driving licence is second annoying thing (In order to use iDrive, you must be between 10-15 years old). I have to add; iDrive is revised and became more usable !? And the other interesting fact is that, its off road ability. Actually there is no off road ability except parking on sidewalks. Interior is worse, if you are drive X6 very fast that good! Because, there is back view, you must drive very fast to be hit by anyone from your back. And also review mirror is one of the useless thing inside the car. Also the stupid gearlever and stupid paddle shifts are also mentioned by Clarkson.
I don’t agree with Clarkson all the time but this time he is right. Why should I buy a X6? There is no rational reason to buy it. But people are buying it. Of course, its design is a goood motivation, also its different characters is the key point! People want to be different, they don’t want to use stereotyped products. They try to differentiate their selves with their car’s personality. By this way, cars like X6 always have a small demand. With that price tag, they could buy much better cars with better personality. Welcome to popular culture :)
In one sentence; expecting off road ability from BMW X6 is like expecting to look younger with Nivea Q10 :)
If someone gives it for free, I would love to drive it! But I won’t buy it ;)

Who wants Mercedes CLS Station!

Mercedes CLS is one of very successful segment creator car with its four door coupe style. When it was introduced in market, it was a fresh air. CLS was offering coupe style with four door’s comfort and 2+2 seating and sportive driving character. This can be a very good example for successful investment. After CLS, competitors did not respond quickly and waited. And Porsche announced Panamera, Aston Martin announced Rapide and Audi A5 Sportback. Yes, A5 Sportback is smaller than others but their concept is similar.
BMW did not respond to CLS. Instead, they revealed something called 5 GT! That’s a gran turismo with huge boot space. Don’t imagine something which looks like Maserati. That’s a uplifted BMW 5 Series station. Something similar to Audi A6 Allroader! Actually, I liked the 5 GT’s design but I would never buy it unless someone gives it for free. Probably most of the customers think the same. This kind of unidentified cars are quite hard to sale. If customers cannot identify them, how they could pay lots money and buy it?
I thought, Audi A6 Allroader and BMW 5 GT will not be followed by someone. Ohh no!! Mercedes will reveal something called CLS Station. It was first mentioned in 2008 as concept vehicle and I was expecting to see as a concept vehicle. But after six years, they decided to produce a coupe station. I really wonder who is their target group? People who didn’t buy the R Class? Or people who have lots of money and want to buy something which looks like weird?
Time to time, Mercedes makes mistakes like R Class, GL (I really like R and GL but they are expensive!). And this is the nature of business. But coupe station should not be a response for BMW’s pointless car. Instead of unidentified coupe station, introduce a small coupe which is better than CLC!
Sorry; BMW 5 GT is very risky car (proper niche car) and after new 5 Series, it will be extremely hard to sell it. And CLS Station will be worse. Remember, BMW used to have Z3 Coupe! Probably nobody remember it. Because, it was like a coupe station. Please, don’t try to stretch your product range just to extend it.
Last note; as mentioned on Autocar CLS Station will be on sale in 2012. It even has vehicle code, X218!

Pictures (in order)
Mercedes ConceptFascination (Concept car)
Mercedes CLS
Mercedes R

Picture are from;
Mercedes Website
BMW Website

Mercedes is in love with Renault !!! ??

Recently, I read on internet that Mercedes will work with Renault to increase their competitive power in small car segment. Like BMW is putting Peugeot engine in Mini range, Mercedes will probably put Renault engines in Smart range.
I said range, because they are planning to expand Smart brand with Renault, which is very good at producing dull cars. And you could remember 1980s in Renault, because Renault still has the ridicilous problems of 1980s. For instance, while driving Renault you can “feel” that gear knob is reflecting what is going on inside the gearbox! Even Ford Ka doesn’t have this problem. Ohh, I forgot! Lack of feeling in steering wheel and superb handling! Why superb? Because, for cost saving Renault doesn’t like to offer proper suspension in the back. They offer torsion bar, which is not a suspension!
Anyway, Mercedes had accident with previous Smart models ForFour and Roadster. I hope that they won’t repeat their mistakes again. Mercedes please think twice!!!

Pictures are from;
Daimler Media


Pilates for Luxury Segment

Pilates is a very popular physical fitness exercise. This exercise helps to strech your muscles, increase your concentration, control your breathing, better precision and more. I am not an expert on this, however I know that if you could manage to do it, it is good to do it.
In last decade; automotive companies also started to do pilates for luxury segment. However their pilates was not like the normal one! Instead of calming yourself and developing your physical health, this pilates made them more angry and agressive.
The ambition to jump luxury segment has some reasons; some brands desire to have a flagship model to strength their brand image and develop high technologies for flagship and transfer to other models (VW Phaëton model), some brands wanted revive a died brand and increase their market (Mercedes Maybach model), some brands extend their brand to extend it, even though they knew that they will fail(Renault VelSatis, Peugeot 607) and lastly some brands shift their brand image into luxury by revealing a new model (Hyundia model).
All of these models did not work as we all know that. Phaëton is an excellent car with very sophisticated technology but it didn’t sell much but its structure is used for Bentley Continental Family which is very rational in economic terms. Mercedes Maybach was great project and introduced great cars which look likes old Mercedes S Class (W220) from outside and also from inside, despite the space age technology, it could not race with Rolls Royce or Bentley. Renault VelSatis was great looking and that was all, Peugeot 607 was a try to jump to a new segment and failed. However Hyundai made some success with Genesis in US market and that motivation gave more motivation and they will introduce a car for international market to compete with S Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 and that is called Equus. Okay, Equus might be selling very well in Asia but the world is not Asia.
In general; a car company cannot go up into higher segments, the brand is mostly stuck on the segment which was emerged. Mercedes is always a luxury brand despite A Class, Rolls Royce is always super luxury brand, Peugeot will good price, good looking brand and Hyundia will be remembered with their Excel and Accent. It is nearly impossible to go up in automotive industry, even Mercedes spent lots of money and failed. Yes, Lexus made it but only in US. Even in Japan, their people don’t buy it because they don’t perceive Lexus as luxury brand.
These companies did brand extension, strecth the cars for upper segments, increase concentration, control your breath. The result? Not a good way of relaxing like Pilates. Don’t strecth too much.
The best solution is to focus on increasing quality, better design and extend brand to lower segments. If the company has know-how and money like VW, go head introduce car like Phaëton. It won’t hurt you, unless try not to do that.


On weekend Hyundai announced on TV about their sales target for their premium model Genesis in Turkey. This car is quite popular in US and in US and in US, won lots of awards and frankly the equipment is not that bad. And Hyundai’s target for Turkey is 150 Genesis. Unlike US, this car costs fortune; € 100,000 !!!
So you will say, Mercedes is too classic, BMW is too snoppish, Audi what’s that, VW that’s Audi’s father and you will depressed without any other alternative and desperate motivated to buy a Genesis; and Hyundai thinks that there 150 people like this in Turkey.
Even 150 people are ready buy Mercedes priced Hyundia; I would like to suggest something, Genesis has 3,8lt petrol engine, not diesel !!! For that price you can easily buy Mercedes E250 CDi with a lot of technological gadget which will take 6 months to understand each of them. Why should anyone buy a Hyundia Geneis with 3,8lt petrol engine and pay enourmous amount yearly tax? I really wonder.
Of course people will go and buy Mercedes E220 CDi, BMW 520d or Audi A6 2,0 TDi; okay some people will buy petrol engine cars. But Hyundia’s prediction for Genesis is like expecting to call down the global warming by fan !!!
Sorry but if the brand is not emerged as luxury, it does not have competitive advantage in luxury segments. Even the VW Phaëton is struggling to sale, how could Geneis achieve that target ?