Hybrid, Electric, Battery, etc

Last five years, we realized that the whole world is mess and we did lots of wrong things. Hopefully we realized after decades later. And as soon as we realized this, we jumped into our hybrids and save the planet. Or we thought that we were saving the planet.
Everyone has something to say about hybrid and electric cars, which company will make more profit, German or Japanese be dominant and it is going like this. However nobody is asking, where does the lithium is coming from. Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere in our life, from laptops to mobile phone and electric cars. In current technology, it is the most effective way to store energy.
But lithium does not grow on soil or you cannot find in Gulf countries unlike petrol. %50 is in Bolivia ! I don’t wish to comment about the condition of Bolivia. However, this hybird, electric or whatever technology will do something very clear; create new rich people in Bolivia. As the lithiums demand is increasing, we could see some aritifical islands made by Bolivia.
In addition Chile holds the second biggest lithium reserves.