The Most Eccentric Video of 2013 | British Airways Airbus A380 vs. Bryan Habana Race

The most eccentric video of 2013 is British Airways A380 vs. Bryan Habana race. Bryan Habana is one of the fastest running rugby players from South Africa. And British Airways decided to make race between an Airbus A380 vs. human. And guess who won the race?

Bryan Habana won the race and everyone was surprised. But it is not a shocking result. First of all, A380 does not have a traction on wheel, it is not like in cars. A380 needs lots of engine thrust to move its nearly 400-tonne body! Even the four Rolls Royce engines capable of generating 70,000 lbf are not enough to accelerate A380 very rapidly. Therefore, a human can accelerate way faster than A380 in a certain level of distance.

Therefore, Bryan Habana won the race!

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British Airways