Hyundai i30 with 40 Monkeys

Hyundai i30 with monkeys. Sounds a bit horrible but Hyundai was looking forward to proof that new Hyundai cars are built to last longer and robust to extreme situations, such as 40 monkeys! This campaign is one of the best campaigns that end up viral in a very short time of period. And also it is a reliable proof of the production quality.
Actually, they were baboons from Knowsley Safari Park ( Hyundai did not employ forty baboons to destroy their new i30! From one perspective as I mentioned in previous paragraph, it is a really good campaign but from another perspective, monkeys or baboons are not closely associated with sympathy. They are making interesting noises, jumping to everywhere and even in some cases, they can drive a lion crazy (Search on YouTube)!
As I complain, so what is my suggestion? My suggestion is a grizzly bear from USA! He is called Brutus, a huge grizzly bear lives with humans. He was raised by the naturalist Casey Anderson. And he has IMDb profile! He was star of the National Geographic documentary Expedition Grizzly, Pretty Ugly People and Iron Ridge. He receives commands from his friend Casey and quite good at acting.
Instead of placing forty baboons or monkeys, Hyundai may star Brutus the bear and test the robustness of the i30. Honestly, I am not that optimistic with this test, as the Brutus weights nearly as heavy as an i30, he would probably destroy most of the parts of the interior. But, still it would be great advertisement campaign. Even though, the interior is destroy it would show the how it surveyed against a grizzly bear.
By the way, it is really nice car!
For more information about the monkey proof i30, please visit Hyundai’s website.

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