Bugatti 16C Galibier and its friends

Bugatti recently revealed their four door sedan, Bugatti 16C Galibier. I think we should not say sedan to a car which is producing one thousand horsepower! When Bugatti puts this car on production, it will be the most powerful sedan has ever been produced. However Bugatti is not planning to produce 16C Galibier until Veyron is on production. Their plan is to produce Galibier after the Veyron is finished.

Recently, some people saw the Galibier near Molsheim, France (Bugatti HQ). However, I noticed something from the pictures. This car is looking very similar to BMW 5 GT and Porsche Panamera. Yes, these cars are just costing no more than a Bugatti gear lever but their similarity is very interesting. Like Veyron, Galibier has the identical Bugatti DNAs in its design but product extension strategies are obsessed, they started to look very similar to each other.

Therefore, I have posted the pictures of Porsche Panamera, BMW 5 GT and Bugatti 16C Galibier. Panamera is the best for price and performance! One thousand horse power is very exciting but price tag is so depressing :)

Pictures are taken from;

Bugatti, Porsche, BMW and Worldcarfans Websites


Bugatti Watch

If you are a very rich person, I am pretty sure that you have different problems than us. As many of us do not own a Bugatti or SLR or Aston Martin; we don’t suffer their problems. However, as your wealth increases, your problems are increasing also. Every good thing has a bad side.
As you have more money, you will have more opportunity to buy more cars or more expensive ones. While replacing your cars, you won’t stop just that; you will also replace your life style also. So you will replace your watch. When you buy a Bugatti Galibier, you won’t be using your ordinary Swatch while driving your four door Bugatti car. This new Galibier, is a four door concept vehicle from Bugatti and in 2013 it is going to be manufactured.
So why I am talking about Bugatti and watch. This new four door Bugatti Galiber will have a very new distinctive features! A watch which can be used in both inside the car and in your arm. I know it sounds a bit weird. Let me explain it; when you get into your car, you will take out your watch and put into the place in car. And you will do the same when you walk out of the car. So when you buy a four door Bugatti, you will also have a wearable car watch.

McLaren Aether, better than MP4-12C ?

I don’t like to start writing from a negative side but, I have to start this time. I have always mentioned that, a car should have a proper and pronounceable name! But the perfectionist car manufacturer McLaren produced the most sophisticated car on earth and name it like MP3 player!
After the McLaren F1, we did not see a road going version of a McLaren until the disaster of SLR McLaren. Technically SLR McLaren was a piece of engineering but this did not help to lost its value in second hand market. Engineers and consumers are thinking in a totally different way.

Engineer, it based on the word engine!  And that’s the most important part of the car and made from steel and does not have any emotions at all. Consumer, is based on the word consume. And that means, buy a product, consumer it, and throw it away. When engineer and consumer words intersect on business environment, which is called a car dealer, things may not go that well all the time! Consumers are expecting more than engineering in a car. They want passion, uniqueness, excitement and also a good name. Not something a like a chassis number or MP3 player as a name.

Unfortunately, McLaren’s success in car engineering cannot be observed when they name their cars :( May be Ron Dennis doesn’t like branding. And name their most important not in an appropriate way.

Nowadays; if you are going to reveal a car and planning to make a sensation, please focus on the branding a little bit more. Why? Because, people should remember your car easily, if they are planning to buy one and they should not associate unusual notions! Unfortunately, people might associate McLaren’s new car with something unusual, a MP3 or MP4 players. MP4-12C might sound cool or help engineers to separate it from Formula 1 cars, but it will not help to differentiate itself from its competitors! It is terribly hard to remember MP4-12C! Instead, everyone will call it “new McLaren” or “MP4 something”. They will not have problem to remember MP4, because there are MP4 players currently available on market!

Why I do write these thing on a Saturday night? Because, ideas were so strong in my mind and I could not stop writing it! This car is one of the most smart car on earth and it is not produced in Germany! That’s the important point, if a car is not produced in Germany and offering very sophisticated technology you must keep an eye on it :) I will mention only one feature of this car. There is an on board diagnostics system on this car, it may sound senseless for some of you but it is totally a revolution in car business. This car can detect a problem, identify it and contacts with workshop for preparing necessary part (it will communicate by mobile infrastructure not in a magical way). This kind of technology can be seen in some trucks or in air planes. Usually, in most of the cars there is an orange light or “please visit workshop” message to warn driver for any existing problem with the car. Moreover, it won’t describe the problem and never communicates with workshop.
McLaren is created a new era in automotive industry and ignoring the second most important thing after engineering in automotive industry, branding! Remember the Bugatti Atalante! Excellent engineering, state of art design and a unique name.

My suggestion; name this car as McLaren Aether. Aether is the first-born elemental Greek gods. He is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven in Greek Mythology. How long did it take to find this name? Only half an hour of reading a book about mythology :)


Better than Botox; 911 Turbo S

As we expected, Porsche announced the 911 Turbo S model. There is an interesting coincident for Turbo S! Whenever the product life cycle starts to go down, Porsche is introducing Turbo S model. This happened for Cayenne also! When the life cycle comes to end, Porsche immediately boost the Turbo :)
From one side, this is very nice. More powerful Turbo! New 911 Turbo S is achieving 100km/h in just 3,3 seconds! This is an unbelievable performance. Let me describe this differently; when you floor the gas pedal (hopefully does not stuck like Toyota) you won’t need to do a Botox. Because of the G force, your face will look younger ;) This performance level cannot be compared with anything else, because Bugatti Veyron is wasting 2,7 seconds to rich 100km/h. 911 Turbo S is also a bargain :)
Let me summarize it, if you wish to look younger buy a 911 Turbo S.

Veyron Le Locomotive

When you buy a Bugatti Veyron, you will a big problem! You paid more than a million euro a car with thousand horses. But you still have a problem! You cannot use the full potential of your Veyron in open roads. Even if you are living in Germany with unlimited autobahns, you still have some traffic. It is quite hard to find a place to speed and you cannot predict the road and unfortunately there are some corners as well. Now, there is a solution for this!
I have an idea for Bugatti. Bugatti loves to introduce unique limited editions of Veyron. I think they could combine; railways and Veyron for another limited edition. As you know that, France has the most sophisticated fast trains in the world and Bugatti is a French brand. So, why they don’t combine these two different things :) A Veyron which could go on railways. Mercedes offers this technology on their truck range; with the help of a special feature, trucks are able to travel on the railways.
Veyron Le Locomotive will provide opportunity to speed up your car without any limitations and also you don’t need to hold the steering wheel and no need for ESP. There should be a button for using the railways, car will disengage the ABS and ESP, because railways don’t need any stability control and also there is no way to use steering wheel while breaking. So, there two systems won’t be necessary. Speeding up to 400 km/h will not a big problem and you can stay relaxed at any speed :)
I know this sound funny, however Bugatti is offering a new limited edition to increase profit. After some time, there won’t be any option to extend it and it could end up with very close to this funny model.
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Perfect Combination for Bugatti Veyron

Matching shoes and handbags are vital for ladies. For every occasion they try their best to match two things together. This complicated and tiring process is a part of every ladies life!
If you are man, you don’t need to care about these things very much, until now! In Holland, a Bugatti Veyron is on sale with a same colour transporter truck. There is one thing more cool than Bugatti Veyron is a Bugatti Veyron with transporter truck with the same colour!
This interesting matching is available JamesList website. However there is one thing interesting; Bugatti is produced by VW and the truck is Mercedes Atego. In my opinion to make a better match, the truck should have been a MAN, as the MAN is partly owned by VW.
Anyway, if you have €895,000 to spend for a car, you have bargian here! Click Here

Veyron O’Brien

Last couple weeks the debate between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien became very popular. NBC decided to change the schedules of the shows and Jay Leno went back to his Tonight Show and you know the rest. The interesting thing about this last episode in Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’s guest! It was a Bugatti Veyron dressed up like a mouse :) As he told, NBC bought a Bugatti Veyron for his show!
All the debate emerged in couple of weeks time, therefore this Bugatti Veyron might be a second hand one :) Or they did a great search for finding a new one. As the Veyron does not hold reasonable price tag, production is designed to meet customers demand.

Picture is from;
Bugatti Website


Veyron Drop

VW’s sales figure shows that people who could affored to € 1,000,000 to a car shrunk %35.3.
In 2008, Bugatti delivered 51 cars but this year only 33.