olloclip Lens for iPhone | Product Review

olloclip lens solutions for iPhone. Sounds a bit interesting, you might be thinking iPhone camera has a lens so why I should buy another lens. Because, iPhone does not have a wide angle, fish eye and macro lens. And it is impossible to have them in a mobile camera. That’s why olloclip lenses take the action. Olloclip offers three types of lenses for the iPhone; wide angle, fish eye and macro. And they are engineered in a way that, you don’t have to carry then separate and avoid the risk of losing them.

Unfortunately, iPhone does not provide an adequate wide angle and it can be a problem some time. Especially, if you are taking the photos of cars or anything that is wide, you either need to walk away from the object or sacrifice the cropped out object. However, when you start using olloclip wide-angle lens, you don’t need to sacrifice any cropping or move further away from the object. You place the lens and take the photo, it is that simple. And the results are so good that, in many cases you will not use your digital camera to take photos.

Fish-eye is the second lens of the olloclip. Its function is very simple, it is fish eye. However, fish-eye always have some issues, regardless of what lens or camera you are using. You need to know where to use it. Otherwise the result will be really bad and you may blame this to lens or the camera. However, the fish-eye lens needs experience. You should see the picture and try to understand if fish-eye is suitable or not. And if it suitable, no one will ever understand that it is take with a fish-eye lens. The results from the olloclip fish-eye lens was fantastic and no one ever realised that it was taken with a fish-eye lens.

The last lens of the olloclip is the macro lens. Yes, iPhone has a macro function but it is limited. By screwing off the wide angle lens from the olloclip, you have the macro lens. And the results were amazing! Many people thought that, I used a DSLR to take those photos but I was only using an iPhone 5 and olloclip macro lens. The details on photos increased very dramatically and you will be shocked from the results.

Overall, the olloclip lens for iPhone is a perfect solution to improve the quality of the photos taken by the iPhone. Inside the package will have a dust case for the lens and it is very easy to carry with you. Moreover, the lens was engineering so precisely that, it is very easy to place to iPhone. I am very happy with the lens and took more than 400 photos with these lenses.

I took the photos in Birmingham, UK. The Cube, University of Birmingham, Bullring Shopping Centre and new Library of Birmingham.