The Most Sympathetic Car Show, Москва 24!

The most sympathetic car show, Москва 24! You probably never predict the answer, sorry it is not the one starts with T or F. The most sympathetic car show is from Russia by Anastasia Tregubova. According to my content, you may think I have a biased view. But No! This is a very objective judgement. Until Kate Upton starts a car show :)
I watched many car shows since I started to watch TV. There were some terrible, some excellent, some creative, some boring, some inspiring and some nothing! However, most of the shows had a similar concept. More or less they were the same or they reached their creative boundaries and entered into a loop!
The thing I like with Anastasia’s Москва 24 is the naïve character of the show. She is not trying to burn tyre or racing with F35 jet plane or pushing boundaries to make us laugh. What Anatasia does, a car show made by a women :) Москва 24 is like Maserati GranTurismo; combination of feminine curves with muscular lines. I really don’t find interesting to see smoke coming from the tyres at 200 km/h inside a corner, because it is the loop which I found not anymore interesting.
Москва 24 is in Russian and I have no clue what Anastasia says during the show, actually YouTube translates it but, still I have no clue. But I like the concept of the show and the scenario, simple and elegant. I am expecting Anastasia to do the show in English in future :)
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You can watch Москва 24 on YouTube | Anastasia Tregubova on Twitter | Instagram

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Anastasia Trgubova