5th Year Anniversary

18th December was the 5th year anniversary of my blog. As usual, I forgot it :) Honestly, I still cannot imagine how the time is passing so quickly. 2009 was like yesterday for me.

The Essential Accessories for Men by Tom Ford

The essential accessories for men according to Tom Ford. And the essentials starts with Raggio Di Sole Bifold Wallet, Buckley Leather Flap-Zip Messenger Bag, Edward Leather Semi-Brogue Lace-Up Shoes and Raggio Di Sole Cylinder Buckle Belt. Hopefully, they are not über expensive like the slippers!

Additional information, Tom Ford’s collection does not show any bold branding like other brands. Tom Ford fashion collection is the brand for people, who does not wish to be spotted!


Photos Credits
Tom Ford

4th Year of My Blog

Everything started on 18 December, 2009 in Istanbul. And I still remember the first time, I started this blog. However, all those years passed so quickly. I wrote 1620 articles, including this. I managed to reach 212 different countries and territories. 1.2 millions of pages are read by people. Countless blogs copied my content. And many other things. 
I really wonder when this blog will stop or when I will stop writing and it will be silent place. I really don’t know. I always plan to give a break for one week but I never did it. 
Lastly, I know the content of my blog is not personal but each post reminds a moment.
More to come tomorrow! 
Yesterday, I was in Dune Shoes press event for the summer 2013 collection and visited HR Owen Rolls Royce dealer in London.
However, the photos were saved as “professional” RAW format! So, things became more complicated, actually converting photos took more time than I expected.
Today, you will find photos of Rolls Royce Ghost and sexy shoes from Dune and interview with the PR manager of Dune shoes for tips to working fashion business.

My Blog is 3 Years Old

On 18 December, 2012 my blog celebrated its third year but as usual, I totally forgot like each year :)

After 1000. Article. New Era

I started blogging on 19 December, 2009, around 2.5 years ago. And finally I posted my 1000th article. I consider as a milestone for my blog and my experience on social media.

When I started to blog, 1000 was my milestone to make changes in my blog. And I am going to do it. Since the beginning of this blog, I mainly wrote about cars and a little bit of fashion and other things. Writing about cars is my passion since I was a child but world is changing, people want to read more different things. Especially in social media, everything is not about cars. So, I decided to change the content of the blog.

From Monday, I will reduce the amount of car posts and increase other topics. Such as; fashion, chocolates, architecture, or any other things that are in our lives. Writing for a niche topic is good for Google search results but life is not Google search results.

So, the new era will start on Monday :)


Unusual Scenery

Today I witnessed a very unusual situation. A new car with an open bonnet and two people trying to figure out a problem. I know this does not sound that unusual, the engine bonnet and two people are the usual suspects for a broken down car. However, things have changed in last two decades. After the Japanese brands increased the reliability of the cars, Germans boosted this into another level, and Italians decided to manufacture reliable cars. So, the engine bonnet and two people scenery became unusual. It was so unusual other people were also looking at them.
I know this is not something worth to write in a blog but I wanted to increase the awareness to reliability of new cars! It is now unusual to open the engine bonnet unlike old days!

Cars Fashion

2nd Year

I totally forgot one thing on Sunday, it was the 2ndyear of my blog! I know I shouldn’t have done it, hopefully blog does not have chance to moan about this :)
Since two years, I received 51.508 readers from 172 different countries and read 80.289 pages, each pages consist of four posts! Since 2009, my average reader rate is 70.37. My top readers are from USA, UK, Turkey, India and Greece. Also I received two readers from Greenland! These numbers may not be as high as fashion blogs but I am concentrated on a niche segment, therefore my readers are niche as well!
Google’s organic searches diverted 21.811 readers to my blog. This means, people searched for something and they end up in my blog :) Passat CC, Bugatti Veyron, Lacoste, Apple iPad and Tata Nano are the top five keywords lead to readers to my blog!
Nearly all major automotive manufacturers and many automotive related companies read my blog since 2009. The most surprising one was the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as known as NASA!
Thank you!

Automotive Marketing

What is the most important factor to sale more cars? Technology, safety, brand, awareness, advertisement, public relations, events, motor sports… This list goes forever, and everything has an influential role during the decision making stage for consumption! However, there are two things play very critical role and changes the perception of consumers forever.

Sales representative and after sales. If anyone of these factors fails to satisfy the need of the consumers, everything done by the company is lost. Technology, safety, investments and many other things became senseless to consumers. Because, the after sales could not provide the appropriate level of quality to consumers and the problem is not solved; the representative did not behave properly and consumers became angry! These two factors directly influence the emotional aspect of the consumption and change the perception forever. Not only perception, but also increase negative word of mouth!
People love to spread bad news to other people, when the topic is about a brand. If they have a bad experience with the brand, they would love to spread it to other people. And other people will love to spread to others.
In the end, lots of investment, technological advantages, differentiating characters are gone away. They might sound good but consumer will always remember that adverse behaviour.


I will be in MIPAA Conference and I will take a very early train to London! No post for today :(