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O2 Be More Dog: Cat vs. Dog | 4G

Be more Dog by O2. If you are living in UK, I am sure that you saw the latest campaign of O2, which followed the contemporary trend of cat power in digital world. The campaign is really creative and visuals are amazing. And interestingly, there are more cats than dogs in O2’s campaign.

However, the YouTube world tells something different than what O2 tells us. Here are some of the videos of Cat vs. Dog world! And you decide, do you really want to be a Dog?

The main reason for this post is my disappointed with O2 to announce that their 4G signal is not compatible with iPhone 5 and this was never mentioned clearly while we were signing the contract.

O2 UK only operates 4G connection on 800 MHz Band 20, however iPhone 5 (A1429) works only on Band of 1, 3 and 5!

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The Original Google Chrome Cat Advertisement Video

Google Chrome’s cat advertisement is literally known by everyone! Honestly, I never seen anyone who didn’t watch the advertisement. And I decided to provide a public service to find the original video of the Chrome’s cat advertisement.
The original video is nearly 2 minutes and cat really doesn’t wish to leave the laptop alone. Probably, the laptop is well designed to exhaust heat and it accumulates on the keyboard. And this makes the perfect environment for a cat to sleep!
And what we learn from this? Cats make viral videos :)

Why Cats Love Boxes?

Why cats love boxes? This is one of the most pointless questions on internet and I wanted to start my new section, pointless questions with why cats love boxes. Business Insider site took this issue serious and have a short interview with a science advisor and the answer is boxes give cats safety and security :)