Chanel 2013 Cruise Collection by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel 2013 Cruise collection is presented recently in Versailles, France. He spent nearly one year to prepare this collection. Lagerfeld inspired the collection from the eighteenth-century details and combined with the twenty-first century fabrics. 
And here is the full collection of the Chanel’s 2013 Cruise Collection by Karl Lagerfeld.

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Pink perspective to automotive business

Right now I am trying to focus on totally something else and avoid writing on my blog. Because I have to concentrate on that subject! Anyway, as you are reading this post my concentration is diverted from that subject to this subject.
Enough with that and this game. I notice something very important for automotive business, I know none of the manufacturer will take it serious but I want to say it :) If you read any consumption report from shinny consultancy firms, you will notice that women don’t care about the price and they want to buy it when they see anything. Therefore, nothing is left on women sections of any department store. We can assume that, women buy with high price and ignore to wait until sales.
This is an important motivation to sell car which are hopeless or they don’t promise any muscular identity. Of course you cannot offer pink coloured Mercedes G Wagon, it has too much testosterone hormone for being pink. But there are some cars which have no hormones! For instance Nissan Micra. My dear blogger friend Iconjane has one. And I know many other girls who own a Micra. Micra is a women car, or in terms of German it has feminine article, Die. You cannot turn Micra into a VW Polo GTi! Micra’s target market is very clear, women!
For instance Fiat 500 is neutral car. It is neither male nor female. In terms of German, that is Das (neutral article). You can offer Abarth version with more horses and you can offer Barbie edition. It is very flexible product. 500 does not give the same message like Micra, “I am female or this car belongs to my wife”.
I cannot ignore the Honda Jazz also, that’s a women car and offers pink. Also Toyota Prius, kind of women car. Electric engine, no proper reason to buy, too silent, too boring; basically it does not offer any excitement. Actually that’s a hopeless car.
Anyway, my suggestion is to offer special women editions for these cars. Christian Louboutin edition, Chanel No.5 (I have no idea how to turn a car into a No.5), Louis Vuitton edition or pink edition. It should motivate women customers to buy! As usual with higher price, this is the basic of automotive business always charge more! So, if you have a women orientated or hopeless car focus on catching women’s’ attention, they would love it :)
By the way, men also spend pointless money on Ferrari Store and Porsche Design store. How do I know, I just look at the mirror !

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Toyota, Honda, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Nissan, Fiat

Bugatti Veyron Hard Core, sorry Super Sport

I know you have been waiting for this for long time. You cannot sleep for many days, searched the Google millions of times! Even waiting for iPhone 4 for one week in front of Apple Store, you were thinking about this. And now it is announced! World most powerful and least profitable (Every Veyron cost €4 million to produce) car Bugatti Veyron announced more powerful version Super Sport. I guess the previous one just was just Sport!
Super Sport Veyron has 1200 horsepower, it has 119 extra horses! Quad turbo engine is now producing 1500 nm of torque. Don’t ask what does it mean, it is too much for a car. Actually it is too much for many trucks also. And capable of doing 431 km/h which is 24 km/h more than normal version.
I know that many Veyron owner’s were suffering due to lack of horse power and insufficient top speed. We all can see this from the beautifully made YouTube videos for a quite long time. One basic rule; when you buy a Veyron find a very cheap mobile phone with camera, turn on the music to maximum, start speaking very loudly and at the same time show people how fast your Veyron is! At these things should have the same atmosphere like a modified Peugeot 106 GTi. Unfortunately these new horses do not have any impact on 0-100 km/h sprint (still 2,5 seconds), I guess this is a bad news for some Veyron owners who are focused on 0-100 km/h sprint on YouTube.
In other words, what they are doing is same as buying Chanel No.5 and pouring into a plastic bottle which was used for air refresher!
I am very happy that Ettore Bugatti did not see any of those YouTube videos and suffer this pain! Veyron Super Sport is again a master of piece of engineering which will make itself iconic like any other Bugattis. The technology to control these enormous amount of power and make it driveable for everyone is a huge success!
And please, when you buy Bugatti Veyron Super Sport don’t upload anything on YouTube from your mobile phone. Please buy a HD camera!
Honestly, this looks much better :)

Pictures are taken from;
Bugatti and Chanel Websites


French Cars vs. French Fashion

Last one decade French cars’ reputation disappeared as the Deutsch Mark disappeared from the economy. Twenty years ago, French cars were both providing exquisite design with high quality. Chanel No.5 was the completing figure of a French car.
As the competition increased on world and French car could not offer new technologies like Germans do it, they started to lose their competition power. People did not wish to buy French cars for that price and they a bit lowered their prices and lowered their quality. However, lowering quality is an addiction! Once you do, you will always do it and they did it. From hydraulic suspensions in Citroën to torsion bar suspensions. Torsion bar suspension is a cheap alternative for conventional suspension system, it does not handle well, does not ride in comfort and sometimes one of your rear tires might be on air. Because, torsion bar suspensions do not let tire to travel and touch the ground. You can see this in many French cars and in some Toyotas. However Germans do not offer any technology like this.
Renault, Peugeot, Citroën went down and down in 2000s, except Peugeot 206 they could not offer any eye catching or exciting car. Also their production quality serious went down, many French cars are became a synonym for bad quality. I don’t think that they deserve this but they did not show any effort to clear this image.
Actually there is one more French car brand, Bugatti. But it has a complicated history. When the Bugatti was first found in in Molsheim, it was a part of Germany after WWI, it became a part of France. Now Bugatti is owned by VW and it has the most powerful car ever produced. So, French cars brands still have chance.
Hopefully, French fashion industry is not as bad as their car industry. Every year, French fashion brands introduce better designs and never face a decline like car brands. I am not a fashion expert but French car companies can learn from fashion brands.
Pictures are from;
Renault Website
Vouge Website Paris Fashion Show

Chanel – Aston Martin

I only owned one thing from Chanel and it was fragrance Allure. But it was not that extremely popular like other brands, it had something different! Since the Chanel introduced to fashion market, Chanel did not focus on agressive marketing strategy to extend the brand to extremey edge. They were offering clothes to women and they still many offer cloths to women. For marketing and financial perspective, Armani is doing better as they offer Armani brand in different segment and for different target groups. On the other hand, targeting many groups has the hidden danger of killing being exclusive! We can see Louis Vuitton hand bag in anywhere on this planet and I cannot say LV is very exclusive brand. Also there are not many Chanel stores like LV stores! However, you don’t notice Chanel bag or anything with Chanel very easily, unless you know Chanel quite well! Only people who know Chanel can notice you! And you should a female to have this privilege.
There is similar brand to Chanel in automotive industry, Aston Martin. Like Chanel, Aston Martin suffered financial problems, lack of sufficient demand but never focused on revealing an SUV (except concept vehicle) or extending product range which are not affiliated with Aston Martin. You can recognize Aston Martin easily from its exhaust noise but not everyone can understand this. Aston Martin is a noticeable car with its magnificent design like Chanel but some people cannot recognize the brand very easily unlike Ferrari. Also you cannot buy Aston Martin from everywhere, it has quite limited dealer network. And people who want to be really exclusive prefer Aston Martin, knowing that a Ferrari can offer better technology or a Porsche offers better comfort and safety. That’s the thing which keeps unique brand alive!
I am not fashion expert, for any mistakes or errors please leave a comment :)
Picture are from;
Vogue UK Website
Aston Martin Website

Chanel, D&G and Audi

I know Audi does not fit with those other brands. Of course Audi is very respectful brand like other and older than others.
However they share something in common. They name their products in number.
D&G and Chanel are naming their fragrances with number, not all of them but some of them. We know the story about Chanel; Coco Chanel is presented with various frangrances and each of them had a number to be identified easily and she didn’t wish to change the No.5 and it became an icon.
D&G named its new fragrances with number and names; 1, 3, 6, 10 and 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to try them all. And also I really wonder the story behind this naming.
And Audi is naming its products with number and putting eihter A, S ,R and Q in front of them. Unfortunately, Audi’s products do not smell very nice or nobody is going to spray any liquids from those cars to their body. However, as the times passes Audi’s products are turning into better products. May be one day, they will be like Chanel No.5