Montblanc Signature for Good Collection for UNICEF

Montblanc Signature for Good Collection is the long-term commitment of Montblanc to UNICEF. Signature for Good Collection will help to raise at least $1.5 million to UNICEF for improving the education for children. This campaign started on 1 March 2013 and will end on 31 March 2014.

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Top Gear service on eBay

For Monday, I had totally something different to write but I found something rather more interesting!
I found an eBay auction for “Guide to being in Audience if you get Top Gear Tickets”. This auction does not sell or give free tickets, it is just giving your logistical and tactical knowledge if you planning to boost your ego during the TopGear shooting!
Hopefully, this interesting service is only for £2 (€2.3, $4). As mentioned in bidding, it will be only three A4 papers providing the very important knowledge on these topics listed below. And hopefully the %50 of the auction will be given to Ellen MacArthur Trust.
My comment on this service is no comment!

1. Getting tickets
2. What to wear
3. When to arrive
4. What to expect
5. Timing
6. Capacity
7. Catering services & prices on site
8. Toilet facilities
9. Where to stand to get the best chance of being in shot
a) Where to stand in the crowd to get at the front of the queue to go in
b) Where to stand once inside
10. Tips on getting autographs/pictures
11. Layout of Studio
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New Ford Focus Charity Campaign

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to Ford Focus Global Drive event in London. This was my first event as a blogger. Event took place in Hub, London and it has an excellent interior; a good place for my first event. Unfortunately, this event did not have the new Ford Focus, it was about the Global Drive campaign.
You might wonder what Global Drive is! We all know what Ford Focus is :) Global Drive is a campaign to donate $10 000 to a charity. This campaign does not finish here, in addition to support a charity you will have chance to drive the new Ford Focus in Spain :) And the costs are covered by Ford. Sounds great!
What you have to do? Go to your Facebook page and type this to your address bar then Like it :) And does this “create a video that is no longer than 2 minutes explaining why you want to be one of the first to test drive the 2012 Ford Focus and how you’d start something more for a good cause with the local market equivalent of $10,000 (USD). Be creative!” That’s all :)
Did I upload it? I will ;)

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Charity Posting

This posting is for charity event which is organized by University of Birmingham, The Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS). This is an official charity event, therefore I have placed the web link to pages which can be found in University of Birmingham’s website.
Original website, Facebook Page
‘Give a Xmas smile’ flyer (PDF 2.13MB, opens new window)
Give a Xmas smile!
The Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) is organising a Christmas Charity Event in association with Birmingham Children’s Hospital (Event No. 02459).
Be a ‘smile-giver’ in 3 simple steps:
1. Pick a label from the Xmas Tree
2. Buy the present (as a group or as an individual) for the child which is in hospital
3. Return the wrapped gift under the tree and replace the label with a Xmas decoration which is already provided by us
All presents will be given to children who are currently patients at the Oncology / Cancer Unit (Ward 15) of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The event will be held between the 2nd -13th December.
Location of Xmas Tree: 3rd Floor POLSIS, Muirhead Tower East
here are two POLSIS Christmas Trees this year, one in the Undergraduate Office and one in the Postrgraduate Office- both in the third floor of Muirhead Tower. But THIS year instead of decorations… the Xmas trees have labels! Each label represents a present of around £10. It is up to you which label you pick (green are for boys and red labels are for girls). ‘Smile – givers’ can either buy the presents individually or as a group. Once the present is bought it should be placed under the tree and the label replaced by a xmas decoration (we already have these in a box under the xmas tree). The goal is that by December 13th the tree will be full of Xmas decorations and presents rather than labels! The labels are going fast so please make sure you pick one before they are all taken.
Alternatively, you can donate to the cause by giving the money to the secretaries (either UG or PG Office) who will pass this forward and the present will be bought on your behalf.
pdf download‘Give a Xmas smile’ flyer (PDF 2.13MB, opens new window)
To avoid any infection / hazards the hospital has asked for only new presents and no soft toys please. For further questions or to find out how to get involved please email Eleni Christodoulou: [email protected]