How to Pronounce Christian Louboutin?

Christian Louboutin, if you can afford to buy a pair, you may experience another problem! How to pronounce Christian Louboutin properly? So, I decided to help you with this serious problem.
I think we all know how to pronunce Christian and the tricky part is the Louboutin. Here is the video to teach you how to pronounce Louboutin.

Riding Bicycle with Christian Louboutin: Harvey Nichols Birmingham

Harvey Nichols and Christian Louboutin, the perfect combination for women! However, I won’t be talking about the Louboutins or Harvey Nichols. Actually, I want to focus on the display done by the Harvey Nichols Birmingham team.

It looks simple and elegant, however if you look closely you will notice that there is a contradiction. And I really like this contradiction and definitely an outcome of a creative idea. What is the contradiction? Christian Louboutin high heels and bicycle! Model in the display is ready to ride her bicycle with her super high heeled Louboutins. And here is the contradiction and caught my attention. Riding bicycle with Louboutins, it is possible by the words but nearly impossible in real life. This sounds like hot ice :)

Harvey Nichols Birmingham team created a display, which can be become viral. Well done.


Christian Louboutin Sexy Flats with Low Altitude Experience

Christian Louboutin flats do sound a bit awkward. It is similar to Airbus road going model. Louboutins are designed for high altitudes, however there is something called marketing and profit. Therefore, Christian Louboutin needs to lower the altitudes to ground level.

Don’t worry flats of Christian Louboutin do not look that bad, they only look a bit different what we expected to see from Louboutin. This is like road going model from Airbus, it will be interesting to an Airbus on the roads but we can get use it.

Here are the some of the sexy flats from Christian Louboution. Unfortunately, low altitude does not mean lower price tag, they are still too high :)

PS. There is no Airbus designed for road going!

Christian Louboutin Sakouette animal-print calf hair loafers £465
Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Pigalove patent-leather ballet flats £925
Christian Louboutin Glitz studded leather loafers £795
Christian Louboutin Sakouette calf hair loafers £465
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes Flat $995
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Net-a-porter and Barneys

What is the Colour Code of Christian Louboutin Red Soles?

What is the colour code of the Christian Louboutin’s red sole. This is not the biggest problem on earth or it is not something extremely vital! However, the reality is different. The French shoe-maker Christian Louboutin made its trademark by painting the sole of their shoes by red colour and increasing the height of heels. Red sole differentiates the Louboutin heels from the others and defines a status of welfare and a fashion statement.

Unfortunately, Christian Louboutin statement is not that affordable. Shoes start from £375 with Décolleté 100 patent-leather pumps and end up with £3795 Daffodile 160 Crystal-embellished suede pumps (According to Gap the between the cheapest and the most expensive one is more than ten times, and also the cheapest Louboutin is nearly ten times more expensive of a normal pair of heels.

As a result of the massive price tag of Christian Louboutin, may women found a new solution. Turn your ordinary heels into Christian Louboutin by painting their soles. Recently, there was an unexpected increase on the demand for red paint in many stores all around UK. And the demand is generated by the women!

This sudden love with the red paint is a result of do-it-yourself Louboutin heels. Basically, many people started to paint their normal heels with red paint and transformed them into Christian Louboutin. And thanks to mass-market fashion brands, it is quite easy to find similar designs to Louboutin without sacrificing your whole month pay check.

In order to create the original look or repaint your original Louboutin heels, you need to find the original colour. In order to do this, you need to have the colour code. And the registered original colour code of Christian Louboutin red sole is Pantone-18 Chinese Red (18-1663 TPX, Class 25). Pantone is an internationally accepted colour authority, so their codes are internationally accepted.

And never forget, painting the soles just turn them into red colour, it will not improve the quality of the heels or anything else. You still have a different brand of heels but with red soles. In order to experience the real Christian Louboutin feeling, you need to buy one!

Also, I really salute Christian Louboutin to create a dream like this. People try to paint their soles of their heels just to feel like they have a pair of Louboutin. This type of possession psychology is not that common except Ferrari, Apple and some other brands. The behaviour of painting the soles is solid proof of Louboutin’s indisputable success! In other words, it is like waiting in front of Apple Store for two days just to buy the new Apple gadget as soon as possible.

This is just a blog post don’t try to replicate any Christian Louboutin heels, buy the originals. And also, some people may wish to repaint their original Christian Louboutin heels, as a result of wear off.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Décolleté 100 patent-leather pumps £375


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Daffodile 160 crystal-embellished suede pumps £3,795
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Matte Red BMW X M50d with Designer Collection

Matte Red, the colour of passion! And the colour of BMW X5 M50d.. The most powerful diesel X5 ever produced! M50d is powered by a 3-lt tri-turbo diesel engine with 381 HP and 740 Nm of torque. And M50d needs 5.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). When you consider the size of the BMW X5, these figures are ground breaking. However, I already wrote about M50d, why again?

This BMW X5 M50d is painted to matte red! Quite unusual to see an SUV in this colour, except it is ordered by fire brigade. And regarding to responses from Instagram and Facebook, I decided to create a story about it and try to make the story interesting for women readers.

As the colour of BMW X5 M50d is quite sexy, so I decided to give you five different dress, shoes and bags that offer the same colour as the X5.

If you are planning to buy this X5, you may easily can afford to buy these collections :) And this BMW X5 is available in BMW Park Lane, London dealer.

ALEXANDER WANG Ribbed Stretch-Knit Mini Dress £370
LANVIN Duchess Crepe and Silk-Satin Dress £2510
MICHAEL KORS Belted Stretch-Wool Crepe Dress £1140
DONNA KARAN Asymmetric-Pleats Satin Gown £3700

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Asymmetric Ruched Crepe-Jersey Dress £1395
YVES SAINT LAURENT Tribtoo Suede Pumps 6′ £540
CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA The Dolly Suede Platform Pumps 6′  £595
JIMMY CHOO Quiet Patent-Leather Pumps £395
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Interlopa 165 Fringed Suede Knee Boots £1495
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Suede Peep-Toe Platform Ankle Boots £540
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Enameled Flower Box Clutch £1195
REED KRAKOFF Large Boxer Leather Tote £1095
VALENTINO Bow-Detailed Satin Clutch £530
GUCCI 1973 Leather Shoulder Bag £515
CHLOÉ Lucy leather clutch £1,765
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Christian Louboutin iPad Case: Cris

Christian Louboutin and iPad. Two contradicting notions are together in the same topic, Christian Louboutin iPad case.

Why contradicting? Christian Louboutin is specialised on manufacturing high heels with spikes on them, and Apple’s iPad is the combination of high technology materials controlled by a sensitive touch screen. The contradiction is high heels with spikes can easily destroy the sensitive screen of the iPad, but not this time.

Christian Louboutin recently introduced a spiked iPad case, Cris. It is available in black, red, beige, tartan, leopard print and dragon tattoo. The interior of Cris, is covered with red leather like the sole of the Christian Louboutin heels! Cris is a great interpretation of high heels in iPad case form.

Of course the Louboutin experience for your iPad is not cheap like their heels. Louboutin iPad Cris is £495, the Dragon Tattoo is £1195, Leopard £550!

£1195, more expensive than the most expensive iPad.

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Christian Louboutin

New Range Rover in Morocco: All Photos Part 1 Exterior

The New Range Rover, I wrote many articles about it, many people talked about and many people saved money to buy it. However, this time I am not going to write about Range Rover’s features or weakness or comfort. I am going write New Range Rover’s Morocco global press event, which I was not able to attend as no one invited me.
Let me be honest, I am not that looking forward to attend press events. And I know that bloggers have a limited opportunity to attend a global press event. Also, I am quite happy with the online press office, where we can download all materials. However, Land Rover PR team did something this time, which made me very jealous. The New Range Rover’s global press event held in Morocco, where I wanted to visit for ages!
The environment of Morocco is fantastic, it gives limitless opportunities for taking great photos with excellent background. The sun is very warm, city landscape is totally unique. You don’t have these items in Europe and the cultural uniqueness in Europe and also another charm is the New Range Rover.
Anyway, I did not have chance to visit Morocco with Land Rover. But I upload the whole press photos of the New Range Rover in Morocco. And note to Land Rover PR team; next time when you arrange a global press event to a very warm country, I would be loving to attend :)
You will find all press photos of the New Range Rover in Morocco. Honestly, the red Range Rover in off-road looks like tracking with Christian Louboutin heels!Technical Details of the New Range Rover

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Land Rover

Maserati Quattroporte at 7 AM. Photos from Instagram

Maserati Quattroportre, I never get bored of writing about this car. And I don’t like to repeat the same topics in my blog but I cannot stop writing about Quattroporte.

This morning we all woke up with fire alarm in my apartment, and everyone evacuated the building. This is not something really interesting or unusual but at 7 AM, and I saw a parked Maserati Quattroporte in front of the apartment. This is not something very interesting to blog about either, this Quattroporte is on production since 2004.

However, it still does look magnificent. I really don’t know how the Quattroporte still looks new and charming. I think I need to ask this question to Frank Stephenson, who designed the Quattroporte. Why I am saying charming, on 7 AM with partially sleepy like many of the people who are coming up from the apartment, I looked at the Quattroporte again. I know this car for eight years and there is nothing different, it is the same car.

But the details of the design makes us to look again and again, I think Maserati Quattroporte ignites our basic instincts. And we look again and again to Quattroporte every time we see one.

Maserati Quattroporte (Normal / S / Sport GT S) engine options are 4.2-lt V8 400 PS, 4.7-lt V8 430 PS, 4.7-lt V8 440 PS. The acceleration times (0-100 kph) are 5.6 seconds, 5.4 seconds, 5.1 seconds. With the top speed of 270 KPH, 285 KPH, 287 KPH.

And here some photos of Maserati Quattroporte from Instagram.

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Fashion Blogger: Duygu Şenyürek’s “Small” Collection of High Heels

Today I have a collection of photos from my blogger friend Duygu Şenyürek. Her fashion blog is one of the most frequently updated one in Turkey! The content of the post and the photos results of dedicated work.

And also she has a dedicated garage of high heels and handbags, I guess she invested a small car on their closet :) Her favourites brands are Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Kurt Geiger and Louis Vuitton; the most reasonably priced fashion brands :)

Her blog:

Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels Duygu Senyurek's High Heels

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Duygu Şenyürek

Paris Fashion Week from Instagram

Tomorrow is the last day of Paris Fashion Week and I wanted to share some of the interesting photos from the event that are present on Instagram. If you have opportunity to attend the Paris Fashion Week, you are very lucky otherwise, like me you may enjoy it from social media!

I found some good photos from the runway, Anna Wintour, shoes, and more!

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