Christmas Gift Idea: A Sicilian Dream Movie

Did you need Christmas gift ideas, and you ended up on my blog? You are probably expecting to see a Rolls-Royce Dawn and a Hermes Apple Watch on this list. However, I would recommend a great movie for this Christmas! It is A Sicilian Dream.

It is a great documentary about the Targa Florio race in Sicilia. If you like cars and racing, this is a great Christmas gift! If you like documentaries, this is a great one. If you neither like cars nor documentaries but want to give a unique present, this is it!

A Sicilian Dream Movie


Porsche Design Bracelet USB Memory | Christmas Gift Idea

Porsche Design interpreted the USB memory with a stylish touch, a bracelet USB stick! Definitely a great Christmas gift idea! Nowadays, wearable gadgets are the trending topic on fashion and tech industry. However, the approach of the Apple iWatch reduce the tendency of consumers to purchase any other products. Therefore, it is a bit dangerous ground to establish a new product.

However, Porsche Design found a great area that is free! Wearable USB stick. It is not a brand new technology but they translated the ugly plastic USB into a wearable fashion item. And I really liked it! Even though, we all have cloud storage on Dropbox or Google Drive, we may need to have a USB stick but they are ugly and hard to carry with you.

Porsche Design’s resolves this problem with this 16 GB bracelet. It is offered with black plastic or shinny metal straps. I really don’t like any shinny metal, it looks awful. And I would definitely stick to black one! It is €345, I know it is not cheap but that’s a Porsche Design product!

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Porsche Design

John Lewis Christmas Penguin #MontyThePenguin | Penguin is the New Cat

John Lewis’s latest advertisement, #MontyThePenguin became viral on social media. And I found a resemblance between the cats and the penguins, they can both become viral. After the John Lewis’s penguin advertisement, I am sure that we will see more and more penguins on tv and on internet. And probably, we will be searching funny penguin movie on YouTube, I already did it!
There are some interesting facts about penguins! They have a very low aerodynamic friction coefficient and also penguins are bird that cannot fly. With these very important and vital information here is the John Lewis penguin advertisement and some funny penguin videos!
Lastly, John Lewis created two Twitter accounts for the penguin and you can chat with him :)
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John Lewis