Chrysler Ypsilon vs. High Heels

According to Chrysler (Lancia) in UK, a woman spends around £168 per month to look good. This can be extended more precisely; beauty products, shoes, clothes, magazines and lots of etc. From the advertisement, Chrysler (Lancia) is trying to give a message to women for substituting their high-heeled shoes for Chrysler (Lancia) Ypsilon. Chrysler Ypsilon vs. high heels is a big challenge!

Will it work? Of course not! Based on my experiences with fashion industry and blogger, women can live without a car but cannot live with a pair heels! Basically, women will not sacrifice to look good just for Ypsiolon.

Meanwhile, Lancia’s future is very unclear and Fiat Group may vanish the brand all of a sudden. That’s another risk as well. Lastly, Fiat is marketing Lancia under the Chrysler brand in UK. I really don’t know why.


Lancia with A New Face

Flash news from Ferrari! The legendary designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti is assigned to create a new design identify for Chrysler and Lancia. For those of you, don’t know the present situation: Ferrari is owned by Fiat, Chrysler and Lancia is also owned by Fiat; so they are under the same company.
Ramaciotti had significant design contributions on Ferrari F430, 550 Maranello and 612 Scaglietti. Based on these state of art beautiful cars, I can say one thing! In five-year time, we will see exquisite Lancia and Chrysler models on market. This revision on design identify will definitely increase the market share of these two brands.
Just think about Kia five years ago and now! It will happen the same with Lancia and Chrysler as well.

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Lancia in Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival started last week. If you expecting to read any commentary on the films, you are in wrong place. I am going to comment about the car, which took place during the red carpet. I cannot remember on which channel I watched the red carpet event, but the cars caught my attention!
As the event is taken place in Italy, I was expecting an Italian car brand for the stars’ logistical support. And I was right, Lancia is the sponsor! Venice Film Festival is sponsored by a stylish Italian car brand, nothing sounds wrong with this!
However, there is something going wrong during the event. The cars, which are transporting star to red carpet do not seem to be Lancia; from the back end they are resemblance to Maserati Quattroporte, but from the front they are exactly the same as a Chrysler. So, I did some Google research and I found out that, it is the new Lancia Thema.
New Thema is a combination of Fiat and Chrysler; looking American from the front and Italian from the rear. In other words, it is like a Pizza Hut in Italy! American company makes pizza in Italy :)
By the way, if you don’t from the front end Thema looks quite nice!

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Nowadays there are rumours about Ferrari. It is not about the Formula One championship, it is about the Fiat’s tendency to sell it. You didn’t read wrong, Fiat is considering to sell the most iconic brand under its management. This lunatic behaviour is a result of Fiat’s CEO Marchionne’s dream to be the biggest automotive manufacturer and become a remarkable person. Honestly, he did a great job recovering Fiat from bankruptcy to profitable condition. This is a real miracle, nearly seven years ago GM did not wish to buy Fiat because it was in a very condition but now Fiat bought some parts of Chrysler!
Machionne wants more from Chrysler, he wants to buy more shares but they need lots of money. Even though Chrysler is excellent at producing terrible and rubbish cars, it costs a lot of money to buy its shares! And the best option is to sell Ferrari and make money and expand the Fiat brand into US.
Expansion to US is a real big gambling, it is a different market. Actually it is a different continent! What works in Europe do not work in US! American may not wish to buy a car called Lancia which sounds like a pasta sauce. Alfa Romeo has potential but it is very hard to create a brand image and inform customers and motivate them to prefer this brand and etc.
Machionne has a very interesting plan; in 2014 he is planning to produce six millions of cars under Fiat brand! Six millions, in four years! I don’t have anything to say to this. He is planning to use Grand Cherokee platform to produce Maserati SUV, which would definitely fail. Also use Chrysler’s chassis for next generation Alfa Romeos. This does not sound very promising for six millions target.
In meantime, VW is interested on Ferrari. They thought, we destroyed Lamborghini and it is not enough for us, let’s destroy another Italian brand. Let’s put Audi A8’s buttons to Ferrari, replace the instrument panel with stupid looking Audi’s Red LCD screens. Then replace the keys with same keys from Skoda, add some more senseless Audi technology and use the VW EOS chassis for next generation Ferrari. This is a flash forward of Ferrari, if it is owned by VW. Also Lamborghini would be annoyed by the presence of Ferrari and they will try to sell to someone else.

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We still have 1990s thanks to Chrysler

Yesterday I spotted a Chrysler in Birmingham (UK not US). I know you might say, what is wrong with that! But if you ever been to UK and have some interest on cars, you will be notice that there are no Chrysler on this island.
It is really rare to see a Chrysler, maybe it is too much American or maybe it still has the 1980s green dot matrix digital screen which can cause some people remember their school memories! You can find many more adverse points for Chrysler and that’s not very hard.
Honestly, I don’t like to criticize Chrysler like this but they don’t give us another option. Chrysler is like a four leaf clover which look terrible. The Chrysler I saw yesterday, it was like that. The iconic and boring Sebring with new design philosophy, if that exist!
This car was an icon for being Boring before Lexus and Chrysler did not show any significant effort to improve it. Okay, it is looks better but when you place next to Ford Mondeo; you can notice catastrophe more clearly.
Everyone know that Chrysler is under serious financial problems and they cannot afford to hire Pininfarina design office to make better looking vehicles. So, their sales will drop and they will ask for more money and they will design more boring car and their sales drop… This story goes on like this. If you want to win, hire an Italian design office and get rid of green digital screen!
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A flashforward for Lancia and Chrysler

May 2014; since last one year Chrysler cars are branded as Lancia in Europe. When the Lancia first announced this in 2010, nobody was expecting this kind of reaction from consumers. Actually it was not too much but nothing has changed for Chrysler, actually things got worse for Lancia.
Lancia is one of the most iconic car brands for whole time, Stratos and Lancia Delta gained unforgetable victories for many years. However, Lancia could not compete with other brands and it turn into a entry level brand in Fiat range. Despite the efforts for introducing new models, Lancia never found the old time success.
This is most probably based on low production quality, lack of clear brand identity, unclear brand image on consumers and so on. People don’t really what Lancia is! The decision was made in 2010 to introduce Chrysler cars as Lancia is like introducing Playboy as Euroboy to Europe! Example is not exactly the same but the mentality is the same. Let’s change the package and sell it to Europe. What a wonderful idea! Chrysler was thinking to boost sale by doing this. Like their insufficient turbo boost, this decision did not boost well.
Dull to drive Chrysler vehicles damaged the brand image of Lancia and generated a confusion! Which Lancia is the real Lancia. Consumers struggled so much and they gave with Lancia. Also the dullness of Chrysler vehicles was a major reason. Unfortunately, Chrysler is not very good at producing cars with passion. Sorry! Also vehicles like 300C which does not have a proper brakes and suspension, also highlights the major manufacturing problems in Chrysler!
Sebring cabrio, Sebring sedan and PT Cruiser cannot name as Lancia! Last one year, everyone witnessed to why not to buy semi Chrysler semi Lancia car. There is not synchrony, video is showing something else, audio is saying something else. Logo is Lancia, car drives like Chrysler.
This was a flash forward :) Mainly based on my imagination and witness the unsuccessful attempts to force brand to marry with each other with love. Like in human life, this does not work well for companies also. Lancia is something different and Chrysler is something different. The important thing for Chrysler to understand; people don’t have a problem with Chrysler, they have problem with your boring design, lack of features which can be found even on Ford Fiesta, unsatisfying driving pleasure, unstable product life cycle and many more things.
Before branding Chryslers as Lancia, they should think again and try to understand the reality underneath the Chrysler’s problem. Even Chrysler cars sold under Bentley, nothing will ever change!
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GM powered by Google !

Last one year was very hard for US car makers. They lost their kingdom and defeated by Japanese car makers. Everything went very bad for them. US car makers were the king of automotive industry and nearly one hundred years later, they survived only with the help of huge amount credits! A few days ago GM was saying thank you to everyone and this flashed some ideas in my mind.
Of course, US car markers tried their best to be worst :) Hummer, huge petrol sucking V8s, ignoring diesel or any other alternative and designing car which were uglier than anything. Did they change their mentality? Of course no! Still you can find huge SUVs with huge petrol engines, they are not offering some different since one decade. Even last year’s trauma did not make any change. Actually, I am sure that many people in those companies are doing their best to safe their company but the mentality of company does not change in one night!
And ten years ago something else came into our life! Google. We did not understand how created a relationship with Google but now our whole life relies on Google. Without we cannot even do very basic stuff :) And Google shares something in common with US car companies! They are in same country, one firm is making fortune, the other one is dying.
So my suggestion, transfer people from Google to car companies in US and let Google guys to do your marketing and product design. They don’t know automotive industry but how worse can it be? Really! You all know automotive industry and we know the story. So, how worse can it get? Actually, Google guys are very good that designing new products and on marketing strategies. Give them a chance ;)
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Realistic Dream! Grand Cherokee 1,3 lt Diesel

Grand Cherokee is one of the icons of SUV segment. End of 1990s and in the beginning of 2000, it was one of the most competitive vehicle on market despite its huge V8 petrol engine. However, as the petrol prices rised and new SUV introduced to market, Grand Cherokee’s power diminished and turn into a inferior SUV. More basicly, people tend to prefer Grand Cherokee, because it was cheaper than its rivals. They were not choosing it, because people willing to drive a big SUV and they don’t want to pay too much money to Mercedes or Range Rover. And they preferred Grand Cherokee!
Grand Cherokee lost its market power very dramatically! As Chrysler could not keep up with customers demand and they could not developed vehicles which is good enough for market. And everything collapsed. However they still have chance, but how?
Now, Chrysler and Fiat started to work together and soon we will see Fiat’s diesel and small petrol engines in Chrysler range. And we could see something very interesting ;) Like; Fiat powered Grand Cherokee !!!
As we all know that Fiat is very good at small diesel engines. Also during last decade, diesel engine became nearly forty percentage more powerful. So; in following years Chrysler could come up with Grand Cherokee 1,3lt Diesel. I know 1,3lt Fiat diesel is only producing 95 horsepower but when we consider the sudden increase in diesel engines, Fiat could introduce 150 horsepower version of the same engine. Or, they could offer this small diesel in small Cherokee and introduce 2,0lt diesel in Grand Cherokee.
All of these are just predictions, however there is something very obvious about Cherokee’s future; it will have very small diesel engine to survive! Sorry Cherokee, you have to get use to small diesels ;)
Picture; Grand Cherokke, Jeep Website