Jimmy Choo Cinderella Slippers

Cinderella slippers are now available via Jimmy Choo. I guess the live action reimagining of the Cinderella movie has generated a business opportunity for shoe designers, including the ones that make transparent slippers. However, you still need to be on trend to wear your shiny transparent heels!

Jimmy Choo recently revealed a Cinderella slippers collection based on their pointed toe pumps. They are neither slippers, nor made from glass. However, the designers at Jimmy Choo have managed to deliver the fairytale essence using detailed craftsmanship. The shoes boast 7000 Swarovski crystals and 46 stones for that heart-stopping Cinderella twinkle-toes look (or pointy toe).

Jimmy Choo offers three different heels heights; 85mm, 100mm and 110mm. If you are going to buy one, go for the highest one!

Price? £2,995!

Jimmy Choo Cinderella Slippers Heels 85mm Jimmy Choo Cinderella Slippers Heels 100mm Jimmy Choo Cinderella Slippers Heels 110mmPhotos Credits | Jimmy Choo