Mercedes Concept Style CLA / CLC with Cloud Technology

Mercedes Concept Style will be revealed at Beijing Motor Show next week. But Mercedes revealed the photos early!

Mercedes calls it Concept Style or we can call it CLA not CLC. Because, CLC was used for the previous C Class coupe and it was a failure. From the marketing perspective, using the CLC for a new and ambitious car will not be a good decision. The CLC already associated with particular notions that constructed CLC’s brand image and it is not that good! Instead of refurbishing an image of a car, it is better to use a brand new one, CLA!

Mercedes-Benz suggests that, this new car will be a benchmark for avantgarde design in the executive segment. This is really a bold statement! However, the existing design promises a real different car for the market, I hope they will stick with it for the production. Also, there will be design cues from the new A-Class. Panoramic roof, no B-Pillar, frameless side windows, diamond-look grille.

Interior will feature a very nice function, the air vents in instrument panel will change its colour according to adjusted temperature from blue to red. It would be quite useful to understand the temperature.

Concept Style will be powered by a four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 211 PS coupled with 4MATIC all-wheel drive system and 7G-DCT dual clutch auto gearbox (Gear shifts will be very quick). So, this will provide a really good acceleration and destroying the over steering fun in corners!

The most important feature with Concept Style is the engagement of Cloud technology to COMAND system. The application on COMAND system will be stored Daimler Vehicle Backend servers, unlike your mobile phone, the applications will not stored at the COMAND system. When you wish to run, they will be recalled from the Daimler’s servers, which might be a pain if you don’t have a fast connection. Also, many customers will be complaining for this in future. Existing 3G technology, time-to-time suffers from peak hours and whist on move, it is quite hard to sustain the same signal level at very place. This is one of the biggest problems of internet connection when you are mobile. And relying a new mobile application experience on cloud technology is a big risk. Most probably, Mercedes will develop an update to store applications on COMAND system. They might be using the 4G technology, but there are still dilemma going around for this technology. We need to wait at least half a decade to use it properly.

In general, this car looks amazing and will create a new path in automotive. Also, it doesn’t look that boring like other Mercedes vehicles!

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