New Porsche 911 Received Red Dot Design Award

The new Porsche 911 and the previous Porsche 911 look the different from many angles but, for many people they look exactly the same. I kind of agree with those people, new 911 looks exactly the same as before. 
Nothing really changed but it looks better, especially I like the new design of rear automatic rising spoiler.
When it is in stationary position, you never realise the spoiler, it looks seamless! Also, when it is raised, it is perfect matching with the exterior design. However many people may never realise this. Except some! 
Recently new Porsche 911 receives design award from Red Dot. 30-strong international jury of experts suggest that; new 911 has a “unique” design language that is sourced by the functional and emotional design factors. Moreover, new 911 combines the innovation and tradition, power and elegance.
Actually, I am really impressed with the Red Dot jury! For many people, new 911 looks the same! I really don’t like to say this and it is a bit harsh but this is the reality. Not only 911 looks the same; the new Bentley Continental, the new Audi A3 and many other new cars try not to scare their existing customers by offering something totally different. Reference to this incident; previous BMW 3 Series by Chris Bangle! It was a big shock for everyone.
Anyway, I still like the new 911 and I don’t mind whether it looks the same or not. In the end, that’s a Porsche 911.


Bentley Time

Last week, after my Lamborghini trip I went to HR Owen Bentley London. I was expecting to catch the new Bentley Continental GT V8 but I was too late! However, the rest of the cars in the dealer were worth to see.
Especially the Mulsanne is my favourite piece. Like in Arnage, it reflects the Bentley heritage and combines with the modern technology. And they told me that, despite its size Mulsanne is still a driver’s car and offers sporty handling when needed!
And I would like to thank you very much staff of HR OwenBentley, they are great people!


Conti 4×4 Trophy

I recently received the information about Continental’s 4×4 Trophy in Morocco on 5-10 September 2012. A great experience, which you shouldn’t miss!
In order to goto Morocco, you need to start from the Virtual Rally (1/2-30/4 2012) on this website:
Next, the qualified people will be put in test at the Land Rover Experience to show their off road abilities (23/6/2012).
And top 14 teams will go to Morocco with Hummer H3! You will be able drive in Sahara desert, be careful with the brake and throttle ;)

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Winter Tyres: Continental

If you forgot what happened during last winter, don’t worry you will remember it again in couple of months. Hopefully, Continental revealed a footage to remember what happens when you use your summers tyres during the winter. Just watch the footage and you will realise why you need winter tyres!

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