WeWork Creator Awards 2018 London

The Creator Awards 2018 London. I have just left the event in London and am heading back to Birmingham on Virgin Train’s last service at 23:30. This is what I do three times a week but with earlier services.

This year’s Creator Awards event took place at PrintWorks and the demand was far more than you can imagine. It is clear that WeWork is the coolest co-living space in London. I noticed that people were there to see what WeWork really was.

They all know what lies inside the Arts Club, Annabels or Soho House. Expensive members’ clubs! While WeWork is also a members’ club, it accepts everyone regardless of their profession, style of clothing or interests. That’s why WeWork is more than an office space. It is a cool community and you can work there at the same time.

Returning to the Creator Awards, to cut a long story short they fund start-up projects. You record a one-minute video, write a short intro and upload it. If they pick you up, you pitch your business in front of everyone and you receive the money. I did it four times and failed but will do it next year as well. I think that after the fifth time, it will be a tradition for me. I’ll have to apply to it every year.

I am sure you are now getting bored of reading my words and looking forward to watching the videos and seeing the photos. If you are looking for any celebrities or influencers in the photos, I’m afraid I never cover those things. It is just the WeWork vibe.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay until the end of the party and had to leave. Nonetheless, it was amazing and I wanted to stay longer – but if I had stayed longer, I would have had to stay all night and wait for the 5am train from Euston to Birmingham.