Volkswagen CrossPassat with Louis Vuitton!

Again the same; VW is going to offer a taller Passat Estate and brand it as CrossPassat (Audi did it this by turning A6 Estate into A6 Allroad). It will probably have four-wheel drive and many plastic bumpers! Similar Audi A6 Allroader and BMW 5GT, I don’t see an emotional reason to buy these vehicles.
On paper, this type of vehicles fills the gap between the SUV and the estate. These cars are not as high as SUV and more practically than usual estate. However, consumers never think like this and usual find vehicles like Audi A6 Allroader, BMW 5 GT and upcoming CrossPassat a bit odd! You can see this from the sales performance of Audi Allroad family and BMW 5GT. Unfortunately, a similar scenario may happen to VW CrossPassat. I wish it won’t happen but history tells the opposite.
The rendered picture of CrossPassat reminded me Louis Vuitton Zipped Totebag. It looks very similar to SUV-Estate cars. It offers different colours in the same bag! The black parts look like the black plastics of CrossPassat. Based on this product evaluation, I can see that Zipped Tote bag is as practical as a CrossPassat or Audi Allroader. If you are planning to you buy this type of car, you should also buy this bag.
CrossPassat in second picture is under heavy camouflage!

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