Top Gear Magazine Cyprus

I have noticed from the Google search results, there is huge curiosity for Top Gear Magazine Cyprus edition. I don’t know how but those searches end up in my blog :) So, from now on you can find the relevant information my blog. I did the research for you. Actually I just typed “Top Gear Magazine Cyprus”, that’s all!
Imako S.A Publication holds the license for Greece and they are publishing the Greek version of TopGear Magazine since 2007. And as they announced “Top Gear magazine in Cyprus from April 2007. Ιmako Media S.A. and BBC Worldwide Limited, a subsidiary company of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), announce the granting to the publishing company Ν&Μ Mediamorfosis Ltd of a five-year license to use the monthly magazine Top Gear in Cyprus. The magazine, which is expected to be published within April 2007, will be sold as an insert to the newspaper “Fileleftheros”. ( Imako )
So, you might probably find Top Gear Magazine Cyprus edition at nearest newspaper store. But my opinion is, buy the original one. All foreign editions always different from the original one and sometimes they can discuss different topics. In order to read, pure Top Gear Magazine buy the UK version which might be more expensive :(
I do hope that I have helped many people :)

Top Gear; just only a big budget ?

Even if you are not interested on car shows, you would probably once watch a small clip from BBC Top Gear. For more than 30 years and from different producers and presenters, Top Gear is a living legendary. Yes, some people don’t like them but they should be respected for keeping Top Gear alive for long years. I know that car shows sounds very easy. Make a call to media relations of manufacturers and request test cars and make some shooting then add music and speech. That’s all ! Here is the senseless, pointless, meaningless car show. I think some people are not aware that, you can find hundreds of videos like this on YouTube. And therefore, most of the car shows are very boring. Some of them are changing their show’s name every year. It started from 5. Gear, next year 6. Gear, next year 7. Gear and next year 8. Gear (This show does not have any relation with Fifth Gear). Finally and eventually the show ended, it suppose to end because car show was very close to be turned into truck show. “As we change the gear every year, we are in tenth gear and it is only in trucks. And here is the new MAN TGX”. Before this happened, they stopped the show :)
If you Google about car shows, you can find millions of like this and they always make the impression of “this is a totally different show”. Yes, totally different some of them are confusing the features of vehicles, or exaggerate so much even the manufacture is shocked! When we think about Top Gear, they are saying what true is or wrong about the cars. Clarkson, exaggerate time to time but I cannot agree him more about BMW X6.
And if you talk with producers, they will say “Top Gear has lots of money and we don’t”. That’s a real excuse and I cannot say anything. Until today, I have just found a car show in Cypriot TV, Mega TV. Its name is Traction. As I know very very little Greek and I have no idea what they are saying but it was entertaining! I don’t think that, they have budget like Top Gear to spend for Range Rover crew car! However, they did an excellent job with that limited budget. So, what we learn from this; if you want to do something very well money is not the issue all the time. Because, creativity is not nourished by wealth. You are just creative or not and this is making the difference ;)
Sorry the poor picture quality for Traction. I could not find their logo :(