David Coulthard Celebrate Red Bull Formula 1 Victory | Moments Before Disaster

David Coulthard celebrates Red Bull’s Formula 1 victory on the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel’s helipad. Let me give you a brief knowledge about the world’s first seven-star hotel in Dubia with the height of 321-metre. And there is helipad on the top of the hotel. 
Literally, doing donuts with a Formula 1 car on the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel needs some bravery and lunacy. As all the Formula 1 drivers are a bit lunatic, it is not surprising to see Coulthard celebrating the victory over there. 
I just wonder, if something went wrong and he lost the control, what could have happened?

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Mercedes SLS AMG Catches Golf Ball by David Coulthard

Mercedes SLS AMG vs Golf Ball. I recently mentioned about catching golf ball with Mercedes SLS AMG video and Mercedes finally released it. And I really salute Coulthard for his amazing talent to catch the golf ball with a Mercedes SLS AMG Cabrio. Well done, and hopefully Coulthard did not injure himself.

Mercedes SLS AMG and Golf Ball

Mercedes SLS AMG and golf, this is the usual combination we expected to see! This time, Mercedes SLS AMG and golf are doing something totally different. David Coulthard was driving the Mercedes SLS AMG and Jake Shepherd was hitting the golf ball. The combination still does not sound that awkward!
Actually, this happened! While David Coulthard driving the Mercedes SLS AMG at 180 kph (120 mph), Jake Shepherd hit the golf ball at the speed of 285 kph (178 mph). And, David caught the ball by the cockpit of Mercedes SLS AMG. May be ball caught the SLS AMG as well. I am a bit confused therefore, I include the press release.
David, who was driving the awesome 571hp Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster at 120mph, caught a golf ball in the cockpit of the moving car which was 275 metres from the tee, and hit by Jake at an astonishing 178mph. This amazing achievement secured the world record for the furthest golf shot caught in a moving car in only the second attempt of the day.

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