Personalised New Range Rover with a Minor Revision

Personalised new Range Rover. Many people love to personalise or customise their cars, especially the expensive ones like the new Range Rover. So, I decided to join this trend and did a minor revision, which creates a personalised look to Range Rover.
I removed the air vent inspired side vent design items from the front door of the Range Rover and made it flat like the previous model. This small revision creates a unique look and moves the design of the new Range Rover closer to form follows function design philosophy. Also creates a cleaner look in the door sides, from rear-end to front-end.
I am definitely sure this personalisation can be done by any workshop very quickly :)

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2013 New Generation Maserati Quattroporte

New 2013 new generation Maserati Quattroporte is finally revealed. My most favourite car has a new face now, actually I started to miss the existing Quattroporte. I don’t know why but it does look still fresh and new. I don’t see any point to replace the existing Quattroporte. But this is an emotional approach and does not work with the business.
The new Maserati Quattroporte does not look that different at all. Like new Bentley Continental GT,  new Audi A3, new Ford Mondeo or new RangeRover. The new car does look exactly the same as the old one. This is the new trend in automotive industry thanks to global crisis. If a car like Maserati Quattroporte achieves respectful sales figures, the company does not wish to change the design radically. The reason is, no one wants to lose their customers if their car has a strong demand.
Anyway, let’s go back to new Maserati Quattroporte! Now Quattroporte offers more legroom at rear thanks to new monocoque chassis. And new chassis with more aluminium make the Quattroporte 50kg lighter. 
For the first time, Quattroporte will be offered with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options. This is a very cleaver decision to increase the market share of Quattroporte in cold countries where the road are covered with snow most of the time. But I won’t go for an all-wheel drive Maserati. The engine is made in Maranello, Ferrari made V8 and turbo charged V6 models. These engines will be coupled with an automatic gearbox.
The interior of the new Quattroporte is extremely improved, more than the exterior. Now the Quattroporte offers same level of luxury like the German cars and thanks to Italian design, it is more elegant. Especially, the wood in the central console creates a perfect atmosphere  And the buttons are replaced with the touch screen, however this movement concerns me a bit. Because, when the button are replaced with touch screen, the ergonomic usually vanishes and it makes it harder to use the control while driving.
Basically, new Maserati Quattroporte looks more similar to GranTurismo and still share the DNA of the present Quattroporte. Despite, the minor changes in exterior, the improved interior improved its charm. 
I couldn’t fall in love with the exterior design of the new Quattroporte but the rest of the improvements are worth a respect.

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New Porsche 911 Received Red Dot Design Award

The new Porsche 911 and the previous Porsche 911 look the different from many angles but, for many people they look exactly the same. I kind of agree with those people, new 911 looks exactly the same as before. 
Nothing really changed but it looks better, especially I like the new design of rear automatic rising spoiler.
When it is in stationary position, you never realise the spoiler, it looks seamless! Also, when it is raised, it is perfect matching with the exterior design. However many people may never realise this. Except some! 
Recently new Porsche 911 receives design award from Red Dot. 30-strong international jury of experts suggest that; new 911 has a “unique” design language that is sourced by the functional and emotional design factors. Moreover, new 911 combines the innovation and tradition, power and elegance.
Actually, I am really impressed with the Red Dot jury! For many people, new 911 looks the same! I really don’t like to say this and it is a bit harsh but this is the reality. Not only 911 looks the same; the new Bentley Continental, the new Audi A3 and many other new cars try not to scare their existing customers by offering something totally different. Reference to this incident; previous BMW 3 Series by Chris Bangle! It was a big shock for everyone.
Anyway, I still like the new 911 and I don’t mind whether it looks the same or not. In the end, that’s a Porsche 911.


BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Today I would like to share the dark part of the BMW, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Unlike Porsche Design, DesignworksUSA is not that popular, it did not become a part of the popular culture. Many people became aware of DesignworksUSA, when the Chris Bangle was moved to this company after stopped designing cars.
Unfortunately, DesignworksUSA is not like Porsche Design, they don’t have a wide range of products. They are more concentrated on industrial design, and collaborated many different brands such as; Intel, Adidas, HP, Nokia, Deutsche Bahn.
There are two design from BMW DesignworksUSA! A 12-foot pedestrian light and Lo-Glo, a 3-foot pathway light, feature LED cartridge and a Thermaltake computer mouse.


Crazy Idea: Concrete Car Interior

I know the title sounds a bit unusual for automotive industry. Concrete and automotive are totally different words; contemporary meaning of automotive is lightness and concrete is heaviness. This is that basic! But, concrete sometimes looks nice, if you could manage to use it and design it properly. In modern houses, we started to see pure concrete walls instead of wallpapers or colours! I can see that concrete is in a new era.
Like houses, cars are started to offer different interior options. It used to be between plastic and wood. Now you can use have any type of wood, brushed metal, carbon fibre or still the plastic! My suggestion is using the concrete in central console. For sure, I don’t mean to use it everywhere! Using it only in the centre console with the combination of leather or wood can create unique atmosphere.
Concrete is not a very good material for car interior, which has high tendency to vibrate all the time. Therefore, I am suggesting to use concrete only for small areas. It can be used, where the wood is standing in Evoque’s centre console. The advantage of concrete is the ability to provide unique interior to each vehicle. Unlike wood or metal, concrete cannot be same in each car and it will be a unique material to use for car interior.
The main problem, the weight! I am not saying make the entire central console from concrete. It can be only a few centimetres thick, for the area which is occupied by wood, and will not charge extra weight to vehicle.
I won’t be surprised if I see this soon!

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Park your car like James Bond

For some people parking their car is a big issue. Some of them want to keep them inside their garage, some of them park them far away from their house just to feel safe. And some of them do not wish to show their car to others! Lastly, if you have limited area in your house, car is consuming unnecessary place. Or some people want to park their car in a style. Parking a car in stylish way??!! It does sound weird but it is now possible by German company Wörth!
Imagine you have just bought your Aston Martin DBS and would you park like a Honda Civic, leave it next to side walk, of course not, when you are driving the same with James Bond! If you could afford to buy DBS, it is quite clear that you would have a very nice house. So, the problem is how park your DBS like James Bond.
As you could see from the picture, there is no car. Actually, there are plenty of cars parked in this area but we cannot see them! No, they don’t have any military style camouflage. The surface this area is the top of the parking place. The cars are parked under the surface of this place and there is no visible entrance. Actually the whole area is equipped with invisible garages.
When you arrive to your house or this house, you just get out from your car and push the button to raise the parking place. Then drive through the parking place and push the button to disappear the parking space. It is a basic elevator for parking your car. Very effective, smart design and does not ruin the view or you suffer to park your car ;)
There is no stylish way to park your car :)
For more detail please click to this link. Invisible Garage
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Aston Martin

Chau Har Lee, worth to look !

Every month I am reading many different magazines to find subject to relate with car :) It is sometimes quite hard but sometimes happens suddenly! This month’s Wallpaper magazine had something very interesting. Wallpaper is a design magazine, in some issues BMW was starring with Bangle’s interestingly designed car! Prize winner of Manolo Blahnik Competition by Chau Har Lee. When I saw her exquisite design of high heels, I wanted to check her website to see her other projects. I was trying to find something to relate with car :) However, what I have found was very interesting shoes design. As a car addicted person, it remained me something very unusual! Front of the shoes look very familiar to radiator grills. I am pretty sure that, except me nobody has ever thought like this. Just show me the only the front of this shoes and don’t mention about anything, I would guess it is a contemporary design concept may be influence by radiator grills.

Of course, my perception to design is not very good. Focusing on cars for long years, made me to perceive every kind of object like a part of a car! From ladies approach, Chau’s design will be loved! It is very obvious that, they would not associate shoes and car radiator like me but if Chau’s design caught a man’s attention and pursued to look for her other designs. Ladies would run after ;) Porsche Design is offering driver shoes for men, I think Chau can offer driver shoes for women ! Ladies are not driving addictive but there are many of them are driving ;)
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Mercedes Website
Chau Har Lee Website

The Highest Lamborghini

I am sure that some of you think that, this article is about Lamborghini’s new SUV or it is about the first sport SUV LM002. As the LM002 is the first sport SUV, Lamborghini likes to introduce new products to market. And until now, LM002 was the tallest Lamborghini ;)
Today while I was searching for Porsche Design shoes, I found out something very interesting! Lamborghini High Heels with carbon fibre heels. These shoes look like, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is exposed to radiation and turned into shoes. As you could see from the picture, they look same as Gallardo. And hopefully they are concept, this means you cannot buy them from stores. I am pretty sure that some ladies are sad with this news :)
From a different perspective; these shoes are reflecting Lamborghini design very accurately. But, from the other perspective (womens’ side), I have never met a woman who want to buy a Lamborghini High Heels! Properly there is no women exist who want to buy them. If they produce these shoes, most probably it will cost fortune and ladies could find better brands with better looking shoes with less handling :)
So, we could say that if you want to design a product to women; try to avoid carbon fibre and cars ;)
Superleggera means, super light. I am pretty sure that shoes are very light with their carbon fibre heels!
Important notice: My friend Gulgun liked this shoes and she told that “she could buy them”. So there is a demand Lamborghin, go produce it :)
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Lamborghini Website

Contemporary art in navigation holder design: Fiat Punto EVO

Nowadays we read lots of news from Italy and we watch MediaSet. However there are some other thing happened!

Fiat Punto EVO is the new product in Fiat range. I didn’t have the chance to try the new multi air engine or experience with its driving characteristics. However one caught my attention, the TOMTOM navigation on the centre. I don’t have any problem with TOMTOM, I also own one. But this one inside the EVO is piece of art.

As you could see the picture below, one Italian designer forget that, there would be navigation inside the car. And as soon as he may be she remembered this, immediately put the navigation with the worst design elegance. What is the column under the navigation? You are Italian car company, not Asian. You suppose design every bit with passion. However they ran out of passion as you can see. If the rest of the car was rubbish, I wouldn’t mind to write here. The rest is great, navigation is piece of art. I am pretty sure, that upcoming navigation will disappear and they will find a different way to put navigation with more style.

And here is the impression when they realized it; “quello che è successo alla navigazione” VW Touareg did something similar to this. When they first revealed the Touareg, the place to put your mobile was ten centimetres away from your eyes. They vergessen sorry forget to find a place for mobile and they just put it on somewhere. Later, they marvellous mobile phone holder disappeared.

And what is that picture in aircraft carrier with helicopter? You are not selling Hummer! The impression, when you buy Fiat Punto EVO, you will feel like in aircraft carrier?! Take pictures in Como Lake with girls from MediaSet ;)


Today, Tomorrow, Cheaper, Toyota

I am not a great fan of Toyota, actually I would never buy one but their cars reliable, problem free and doesn’t have soul. Design and interior quality of Toyota is always problem, their design has never been competitive like European brands and their ergonomic, plastic quality is always lower than Germans. Therefore I could not like any Toyota.
Now they have announced that, Toyota is pressing suppliers to reduce their prices up to %30. Guess, what would happen? The quality which I don’t like in Toyotas will be worse. Toyota must increase the interior quality, they don’t have problem with reliability but they should not sacrifices any other quality. Okay, they could not make profit after 60 years, just couple of years bear the loss and increase quality.
Unless, Toyota will never be a real competitors of Germans and customers of German brands will not prefer Toyota.