Animal Print Bikini and Mercedes SL | All Time Classics

Animal printed bikini and Mercedes SL, sounds quite contradiction but, they managed to stay as icon for decades. Mercedes SL may not be the most charming or the most sportive or enjoyable roadster. However we cannot ignore that Mercedes SL is one of the oldest roadster in the market, more than a half century. And that’s how Mercedes SL became the all time classic.
I think animal print in fashion is like the Mercedes SL! It is not the best design, or not the most creative texture. But it is the all time classic.
As we are in the middle of the hot summer (Except UK), you might be interested to see some of the animal print beach wear and the Mercedes SL!

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-Print Triangle Bikini

Charlie by Matthew Zink Paulina Animal-Print Swimsuit 

Agent Provocateur Tabby Leopard-Print Toweling Bikini Top
Agent Provocateur Tabby Leopard-Print Toweling Bikini Briefs

Photos Credits
Mercedes, Net-A-Porter

Chanel, D&G and Audi

I know Audi does not fit with those other brands. Of course Audi is very respectful brand like other and older than others.
However they share something in common. They name their products in number.
D&G and Chanel are naming their fragrances with number, not all of them but some of them. We know the story about Chanel; Coco Chanel is presented with various frangrances and each of them had a number to be identified easily and she didn’t wish to change the No.5 and it became an icon.
D&G named its new fragrances with number and names; 1, 3, 6, 10 and 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to try them all. And also I really wonder the story behind this naming.
And Audi is naming its products with number and putting eihter A, S ,R and Q in front of them. Unfortunately, Audi’s products do not smell very nice or nobody is going to spray any liquids from those cars to their body. However, as the times passes Audi’s products are turning into better products. May be one day, they will be like Chanel No.5