Crash Avoidance System: Mercedes – BMW – Audi

Pre-Collision (Crash Avoidance) system started with Mercedes S-Class in 2006, it was called BAS Plus. And it was only available with Mercedes. What is pre-collision system? Pre-Collision or Pre-Crash system works regardless of your cruise control system and scans the upcoming traffic all the time and applies maximum braking pressure if the drive does not respond or slow to react to a high possible crash. Even if you are driving without cruise control, Pre-Collision / Pre-Crash system scans the traffic and applies brakes if an accident is unavoidable.

Unfortunately, Pre-Collision / Pre-Crash system are available only with Mercedes, BMW, VW, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Audi. And don’t confuse with radar-guided cruise control that has braking function during cruise control is engaged. This system is not capable of stopping a car when driver is not using the cruise control. This is the main difference between radar-guided cruise control and pre-collision / pre-crash system.

Mercedes calls it BAS Plus, BMW calls it Collision Warning including Braking Assistance and Audi calls it Braking Guard. Other manufacturers created different names for the same system. Therefore, if you would like to have pre-collision / pre-crash system, you need to ask your dealer. Because, this system is not standard, you need to pay for it and it does worth it :)

Unfortunately, car manufacturers do not promote this system that much as I was expecting. And I really don’t know why.*I couldn’t find an exact video footage for BMW, existing one is from BMW’s Research & Development.