Adidas Goodyear Collection Shoes

Adidas Goodyear is back again. For quite long time, I did not see any shoes from Goodyear in Adidas, even if they had some, I didn’t notice them. However, I just saw a new model in Adidas’s online store and remembered the first time when I saw the Goodyear collection in Adidas nearly eight years ago!

In 2004, there were many Goodyear collection shoes in Adidas stores around the world, however this did not end for long time. As time passes, we tend to see less and less Goodyear models. Meanwhile, some of the models were not that eye-catching at all. Therefore, I didn’t pay that attention to Goodyear collection, except this model!

This new Goodyear collection Adidas worth a look! And I have no idea which Goodyear tyres was inspired for the soles of these shoes. In the past, Goodyear Eagle F1 was the most common one, but long time ago.

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Jimmy Choo: Driving Shoes for Women!

Finally, there are some proper driving shoes for women. The British shoe brand Jimmy Choo announced its driving shoes collection for women. I am sure that, many women were thinking what to wear while driving a car. Hopefully, they have the expensive alternative.
If you are planning to buy an Aston Martin Cygnet and concerned about the perfect shoes to drive it, here is the opportunity. Like Cygnet, these shoes are over-priced too!
For more information, just click the shoes below!

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Women Driving Shoes from Jill Ciminillo

If you have noticed that, I am trying to highlight the issue which were mentioned on Google search. I can see the search queries which end up in my blog. And one of the serious issue is best driving shoes!

When you visit a department store, you can find hundreds of driving shoes in many different colours. If you check the internet for driving shoes, you can find millions of options with unlimited price range. If you check Twitter, you can find some and that would be the most eye-catching one.

I have been following Jill Ciminillo for long time. She is a car journalist in USA. And she is really lucky, from her twitter I can see that, she drove more cars than her shoes closet! For last couple of days, she was tweeting about Hyundai Sonata. This is my least favourite car on earth. I never drove it and I am not planning to drive it in near future. Even if I was so obsessed to drive it, it is really hard to find a Sonata in Europe.

Anyway Jill posted a picture today on her twitter, which was something usual but the content was unusual. She posted her shoes, actually her driving shoes. Unfortunately, they were for ladies! They were not from Adidas, or Kurt Geiger or Nike. She told me that they were from a brand called Pelle with five inches of heels! Sounds weird for driving shoes but I told you, twitter is the solution for complicated answers :) And after her twitter picture, we finally have the best female driving shoes :)

If you are female and looking for a driving shoes, here they are :) And Sonata does not look that bad!

Her Facebook Page:


The best driving shoes on worst carpets !?!

Shoes, one of the biggest business on earth after iPhone! Both for men and women, it is important for completing your dress and change the way you look. Therefore, every brand is offering many different types of shoes and changing them every season. Except the Prada sneakers for men, they are the same for last two thousand years! And everyone knows that, if it was sold by a company cold Mrada, nobody would ever buy it. Let’s back to shoes.
Recently my favourite magaine GQ UK, announced top nine (I don’t know why nine not ten) driving shoes which you can buy on their website. For men only! Why? If they try to find driving shoes for ladies the list will be like this; ankle boots, ballet flats, boots, clog sandals, closed-toe slip-ons, combat boots, flip flops, high-heeled boots, high-heeled sandals, high-top sneakers, laced shoes, mules, platform pumps, platform sandals, pumps with open toe, sandals, shoe boots, slingbacks, slip-on sneakers, sneakers, wedges, beach sandals, espadrilles, round toe, point toe, peep toe (List is from and As you could see the list is more confusing than a working schema of a hydrogen car! Even the hundreds of fashion magazines cannot solve this problem on their every issue it is a good idea to decide which women shoes are best for driving.
As expected GQ UK focused men driving shoes which is more easier to pick. Actually six months ago they selected best driving shoes from Kurt Geiger with pink colour, this is a totally different issue :) This time nine different shoes are selected placed on nine different car carpets. However there was a small problem. The carpet and the shoes did not match.
If you have lots of money, if you will change your car and then change your shoes !?! I don’t know but for now, I consider it like this. The first shoes is from UK brand Bill Amberg and this is the first I heard this brand. I guess they thought, if you buy a blue Mini Cooper this shoes will match the colour of your car. And from the carpet we can see that clearly. And if you will not buy a blue Mini Cooper, don’t buy these.
The next one is from Kurt Geiger with ridiculous colour on Mercedes AMG carpet. So the GQ suggested that; if you buy a enormously powered Mercedes AMG like SL65 AMG, you have to buy these shoes! Try to buy something else.
Our next shoes is from Giorgio Armani on unknown carpet. My recommendation for these shoes is Lamborghini. As the Armani brand is always highlighted its logo on their every product and it becomes impossible to ignore it by everyone, so you have to be driving something which cannot be ignored by everyone. Buy a Lamborghini :)
Red Hugo Boss shoes on Chevrolet plastic carpet. Oh come on! Where did you find this carpet from the Hummer (Hummer was a brand of Chevrolet) which you rented for your birthday! This is the most combination GQ ever made on man history. From this pictures, I can only recommend one car. Red coloured Mercedes C Class Estate, not a sedan model a proper estate model.
Finally GQ matched the shoes with the car. Tod’s from Italy and carpet from German Porsche, great combination. Porsche 911 Turbo, nothing to say more.
Car Shoe from Italy but with Land Rover !?! From the colour the shoes, they should have tried Range Rover instead. At least it looks more sophisticated, any with this colour nothing looks sophisticated :)
Salvatore Ferragamo, the brand which I adore the most! I cannot even pronounce the brand properly, unless you are Italian you cannot pronounce it properly. And GQ put on Lexus carpet. Great creativity. There is one car for this brand Maserati. It can be Quattroporte or GranTurismo, no problem. But not a Lexus which is advertising its faulty recalls on websites.
Gucci and Jaguar, great coupling. White Gucci shoes with Jaguar. I think there is no problem with this combination until the time white Guccis turn into white gray black Gucci.
And lastly and the worst combination. Paul Smith and Chevrolet !?! Come on, again the Hummer carpet. How did you emerge this emotional relationship with the Hummer !?! Paul Smith is a great brand with excellent and clever creativity on their products, okay this time it is not that good looking with this colour. But it still deserve to be coupled with an Aston Martin, instead of Chevrolet something!
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Mercedes E63 AMG with High Heels | Susie Stoddart

Susie Stoddart, I guess many of your never heard of this name. She is probably the best looking racing driver. Yes, she is a racing driver and she is racing in DTM with Mercedes! When you first saw her pictures, you would definitely never think of DTM racing. However she is doing pretty well !

This blog is not about car racing, so why I am writing all these? A few days ago again Mercedes revealed a new footage for Mercedes E63 AMG Estate. The most pointless car of the century including BMW M5 Estate.

This car has more than five hundred horse power and it has a huge boot, which you can fill with many things. Actually, when you have five hundred horsepower why do you need to use the boot, I really don’t know. Anyway, Mercedes introduce this “family” for lunatic families probably. Unless, you won’t be speeding with your family or making donuts while your kids are at the back. Why do you buy this car? Buy E500, it has plenty of horse under the bonnet. I am pretty sure that, there are many logical, reasonable reason to produce this car.

The footage was very interesting like the E63 AMG Estate, Susie is approaching to the car with a casual dress and she looks at her shoes and thinks they are not for driving this pointless car. And changes her clothes and her shoes with sexier ones! Yes, she is going to drive the senseless car with high heeled shoes! Very interesting :) The car is black, she wears everything in black; what a great combination this reminded me Karl Lagerfeld who is wearing black all the time.
In footage, she is making donuts and pushing the family estate to its limits with the most inappropriate shoes for driving!.

But, there is a problem! Mercedes introduced this car for families, who want to do speeding while going to sunday shopping. No problem with that, the message is very clear! After this footage, there is a totally a different message is coming out! I am sexy, let’s have fun :)

Susie does not have any family or kids, she does not drive like a normal family; there are no problems at all! But the car is the problem, a lady like Susie will lost its mind and buy a E63 AMG Estate while there are plenty of much better looking cars are around.

Mercedes tells something else, senseless car is telling something else and footage is telling totally something else. Which wife would let her husband to a buy car which is driven buy a charming sexy lady? Really I would like to hear answer Mercedes!

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Susie’s and Mercedes Websites

The Coolest Porsche!

I know that, you were waiting for this. You get bored of Adidas Porsche Design shoes, they look the same! Here is the new era for Porsche Design and I am pretty sure that, you were looking for this ;)
The Porsche Design’s 2010 shoes collection. This season’s main difference is the manufacturer. They are not from Adidas; this time they are produced in Italy by a German company Muller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH. Sounds a bit interesting, half Italian half German. It sounds like Lamborghini Murciélago, half German half Italian. The good thing is, like Panamera; Porsche Design extended its range to offer different tastes. I hope they won’t end these shoes production like they are planning to end Panamera in 2012.
Now there are four different models; Tokyo, Milano, New York and Berlin. For me the best looking ones is the Tokyo model. Unlike other Porsche Design shoes, it looks contemporary and elegant. Some of the Porsche Design shoes are too much sports and they cannot be worn in everywhere. However, this new collection broke that limit and you could wear your Porsche to anywhere at any time ;) That’s what I was looking for long time!
And one of the coolest thing about these shoes is their soles, the Porsche Design labelled metal part underneath the shoes looks are really nice!
Also Porsche Design offer new fragrance for your cars, hoppss sorry not for your car. That’s for you, you could have the Porsche smell all time. I really wonder, why someone wants to stinks like a car! Anyway, its bottle looks very nice. I could buy an empty fragrance, just for its bottle.

Driving Shoes in Pink, recommended by GQ

There are plenty of different types of driving shoes on market. And they have typical style and typical colours which are not shocking! Now there is something different from Kurt Geiger’s Florio shoes and listed as 27. Best Thing in the World by GQ Magazine. And probably lots of people will rush into those shoes. But there is a small problem, their colours. It is starting from blue, brown, grey, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow. Yes, they offer pink and puprle driving shoes!
The scenary will be very interesting, someone is coming out from Mercedes CL65 AMG which has lots of power to move the world and the driver has pink shoes by Kurt Geiger!
They should recommend the colours with cars. Pink for Nissan Micra drivers, Yellow for Yellow Ferrari owners ;)

Kurt Geiger Website
Mercedes AMG Website