Dsquared2 High Heeled Rain Boots

We are in the middle of the summer, but still, it rains a lot across the world. During the summer (and also in autumn), rain is the biggest obstacle to looking beautiful and chic! Being ready for the rain is like walking around the beach with a scuba diving costume.

When there is rain and mud, what do you need? You need a pair of boots! However, rain boots don’t look cool, and if you are addicted to heels, you will have a lower altitude experience with their flat sole. If you aren’t prepared to ditch the heels despite the rain, you either ruin your daily shoes or end up with winter boots with heels.

DSquared2 have offered a solution to this problem – high heeled rain boots. They are still elegant, in that they are a pair of heels, and you have the functionality of rain boots without looking like you just left the farm in your wellies. Literally, form and function are equal.

If you are looking for a pair of rain boots and love heels, these boots were made for you.


Images // DSquared2