Editing RAW Photos on A USB | Kingston DTM30 16GB

Editing RAW photos on a USB drive! Yes, I did it with Kingston DTM30 16GB! Sounds a bit crazy but I have an Apple MacBook Pro Retina with 128 GB SSD hard-drive and I had to edit huge amount of RAW photos. If I upload them to my hard-drive, I would lose lots of space and, I risked editing them through a USB drive. 
The result? It worked perfectly. I never thought that a USB drive would be capable of achieving this performance for editing RAW photos. Because, each of these RAW photos were around 23 MB and the performance of the Kingston was really good! 
Kingston DTM30 was designed for USB 3.0 and this provides 70 MB/sec reading and 10MB/sec writing speeds. So, the performance of this tiny USB drive was amazing! In case you need to edit RAW photos, you can rely on Kingston DTM30 but with a USB 3.0 port.