The Most Expensive Coffee

The most expensive coffee in the world, it is called civet coffee. Before I explain the manufacturing process, I would like to warn people who are looking forward to buy expensive products because they have too much money. 
Expensive products usually promise high quality, exclusivity, and price tag with many zeros. However, if you are planning to buy an expensive civet coffee and show off to your friends, please read the following lines :)
Civet coffee is a type of coffee processed by civet cat. Don’t worry, cats are not employed by a company and working in a factory. Basically, cats are über lazy for working. However, cats love to eat. And civet cats love to coffee beans as well. And the process starts inside their body.
When a civet cat eats the coffee beans, we all know where it does and where it ends up. The secret of the process lies inside the civet cat. The coffee that are eaten by the civet cat are fermented inside their digestive system and unwanted the taste of the coffee beans are removed. Until now, everything sounds very clean and normal.
However, the beans need to get out from their body. And the shocking story starts here! When the civet cat finishes the process of fermenting the coffee beans, they were out by the most natural way. After the natural waste of the civet cat, people collect the coffee beans from that waste, clean them and pack them.
Interesting this unusual process and a bit dirty method makes the best coffee in the world and only 500 kg is made each year. 57 gr of civet cat coffee costs around £25 in Harvey Nichols. 
Actually, I really want to try this coffee. I do know that the process is a bit shocking but still it does worth to give a try. You can buy this coffee from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.
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Edible: Eatable Worms

Edible is a UK based company found in 2000. They sell food products that are extremely rare and extra ordinary. For example, Edible sells the most expensive coffee called Civet Coffee. I don’t want to explain the production process, you may check it later.
Edible also sells; chocolate covered scorpion, BBQ worm crips, English garden worms, pearl dust, scorpion candies and many more. You may check the rest of the eatable worms, insects from Edible’s website. According to Edible, they are safe to eat.

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