New Video from Toyota GT86 with Edith Piaf

Toyota GT86 is a new era for Toyota. Since many decades, Toyota did not introduce any rear-wheel drive sports cars. Instead of that, Toyota introduced more family cars, more hybrids and finally they decided to go back to Toyota Supra age.
Toyota GT86 does not have a very charming brand but it looks great! If we exclude the Toyota Land Cruiser, GT86 is the best looking Toyota available on market. And for its price tag (£26.000), you will get 2-lt petrol engine with 240 PS, 6-speed automatic gearbox, keyless entry and engine start, bluetooth and many other toys. Toyota packed the GT86 with very good package.
And recently, Toyota released a video campaign for GT86. It starts inside a computer games and then drive escapes to real world. The idea is very creative, graphics are amazing and the song is from the movie Inception. The song is from Edith Piaf, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

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