Fiat 500L is here with Espresso Machine

Fiat 500L received so much attention and took a place in Twitter’s top trends. So, I decided to take a look again to stretched Fiat 500.
And Fiat 500L created the same impression on my like Mini Clubman! Fiat 500L does not look ugly but not charming like the original one. Exterior design is quite well re-interpreted for a long wheel base and the extra two doors do not look that bad. 
Interior of Fiat 500L is very well made, from the photos you can easily spot the high material quality. And similar design bits with the new Panda. I really like the interior of the 500L more than its exterior.
In the end, for me Fiat 500 is small three-door one. However, customers demand different type of cars and here is the Fiat 500L to satisfy their needs :)

Last note, Fiat 500L offers on-board espresso machine :)

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