Eterniti Artemis Super-SUV: Contemporary Personalisation of Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (Updated)

Eterniti Artemis, the Super-SUV or contemporary personalisation of Porsche Cayenne. Last night, I was in north-west of London in Park Royal. It was the Eterniti Motor’s first dealer, the boutique luxury car maker. Many of you may not heard of Eterniti Motors yet, that’s normal because Eterniti is a brand new car company concentrated on one product called Artemis.

Artemis is one of the goddess from the Greek Mythology, daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo. However, this Artemis is very different from the one in Greek Mythology. This Artemis is based on three notions; luxury sedan, sports car and SUV.

Eterniti Artemis is a personalised version of Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. However, the personalisation is not only limited with the exterior and interior! Engine, drive train is modified to match with personlisation. I would like to start from the engine, the sports car notion.

Artemis produces 600 HP and 750 Nm of torque from the same engine (4.8-lt Twin Turbo petrol) you may find in Cayenne Turbo S. These figures are far beyond of any other SUV except Mercedes G65 AMG, but that’s a G-Class. Moreover, the further modifications are done for the jet fighter inspired exhaust, drive train, active anti-roll bars and wheels. The wheels of Eterniti Artemis are massive, 23-inch! I guess, I never seen that big wheels for a such long time. However, despite the massive size of the wheels they don’t look that bad.

The exterior is definitely something you cannot see every day on the road. It is designed from the scratch, despite the size of the Porsche Cayenne, Artemis does not look that big from outside. However, it is massive from inside. As Eterniti Artemis is the first Super-SUV on market, their aim is to offer a luxury sedan feeling in an SUV; in order to achieve this Eterniti had to revise the interior. And Artemis offers two individuals seats at the rear with heating, cooling and memory functions. And also, the rear seats are moved back to improve the rear legroom, which is a must of a luxury sedan.

Also the whole interior is personalised from floor to ceiling. The floor is covered with lamb wool rugs and feels amazing! I never experienced this type of comfort inside a car. And the ceiling is covered with LEDs to create the atmosphere of a clear sky with stars. You may find this Rolls Royce! The centre console is completed with natural wood and carbon fibre and alcantara leather is used in many parts. The exceptional uniqueness of interior design reflects the horizons of the personalisation. If you order an Eterniti Artemis, you have the freedom to personalise everything!

I would like to go back to performance figures again, the Artemis is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds and with the top speed of nearly 300 km/h (186 mph). The revised drivetrain offers a unique handling performance for a car at this size. The revision is done by Alastair Macqueen, who worked in Jaguar XJ220, Le Mans 24 for Bentley and Jaguar and Artemis is tested by Johnny Herbert. I talked with people who drove the Artemis and they told me it has a phenomenal handling. It is hard to believe but when you see the 315/25 23” wheels, you are convinced quite easily. Still, when you buy one don’t try to push the limit :)

In the end, Eterni Artemis is a new competitor for luxury car market targeted for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and a bit of RangeRover with the price tag of £210,000+. I am sure that many from people Russia, USA, Middle East and China are looking forward to have a car like this. Because, it is combines the luxury sedan, SUV and sports car in one pack. And from economics perspective, instead of buying three different cars, you can have everything with one Artemis. Now, Artemis sounds good priced!

Alastair Macqueen – Chief Engineer
Alan Mobberley – Head of Design, Interiors
Tim Sugden – General Manager
Mark Carbery – Head of Brand and Communications