Crazy Idea: Concrete Car Interior

I know the title sounds a bit unusual for automotive industry. Concrete and automotive are totally different words; contemporary meaning of automotive is lightness and concrete is heaviness. This is that basic! But, concrete sometimes looks nice, if you could manage to use it and design it properly. In modern houses, we started to see pure concrete walls instead of wallpapers or colours! I can see that concrete is in a new era.
Like houses, cars are started to offer different interior options. It used to be between plastic and wood. Now you can use have any type of wood, brushed metal, carbon fibre or still the plastic! My suggestion is using the concrete in central console. For sure, I don’t mean to use it everywhere! Using it only in the centre console with the combination of leather or wood can create unique atmosphere.
Concrete is not a very good material for car interior, which has high tendency to vibrate all the time. Therefore, I am suggesting to use concrete only for small areas. It can be used, where the wood is standing in Evoque’s centre console. The advantage of concrete is the ability to provide unique interior to each vehicle. Unlike wood or metal, concrete cannot be same in each car and it will be a unique material to use for car interior.
The main problem, the weight! I am not saying make the entire central console from concrete. It can be only a few centimetres thick, for the area which is occupied by wood, and will not charge extra weight to vehicle.
I won’t be surprised if I see this soon!

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Motor Expo, Canary Wharf, London

If you did not have time to visit Motor Expo this year, here you have the chance to see all the vehicles!

Mercedes New SLK
Mercedes New C Coupe
Mercedes SLS AMG
Mercedes Actros
Mercedes CLS 63 AMG
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover
Range Rover Sport
Land Rover Discovery
Nissan Leaf
Lexus LFA
Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XFR
Jaguar XK
Jaguar XKR-S
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GTC Ice Record
Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur
BMW 6 Series Cabrio
Mini Countryman

You can find the album on Facebook Page!

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Range Rover Evoque Live: Birmingham NEC

Cars and visual arts, I am not an expert on visual art but I can imagine these are two different elements. One of them a metal designed to be mobilize people and visual arts are harmony of different forms of art.
The Range Rover Evoque is the new generation Land Rover product family and something totally new to this brand. I can see the same similarity, Land Rover offers SUV with relatively big size, focused on off roading capabilities and practicality. And Evoque is something totally different; a new design concept, relatively smaller than Discovery 4, designed to cope with adverse road conditions in city life. Evoque is a domesticated Land Rover for contemporary city life. From an objective point of view, Land Rover managed to achieve it very well.
Honestly, I didn’t attend many car events. However, I know how they are! Most of them take place in hotels with some music and colourful lights. There might be several models of the car and some brochures and if you are lucky, they might give you some free things. Even though I know this ugly truth about these events, I always try to attend any event to see the car.
Couple of months ago I saw the Range Rover Evoque show and excited to attend. The information was very brief; music and live dance show! I was not expecting to see something extra ordinary. There is going to be several Evoques, a short dance show and that’s all.
It was one of the most creative shows I have ever seen. It would be unfair to compare with car show. If I compare with Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that’s would be a better benchmark. It was totally amazing, the composition of the show and its engagement with the Evoque is a state of art.
Each Evoque model had its own story during the show; Pure, Dynamic and Prestige. Show starts with Pure, models catwalk with white colour dress. Then Dynamic, ambient colour turn into red and shows two dancers appear on stage. It is definitely narrating the character of Dynamic model, you can feel the stiffness of the and suspension and aggressive driving characters by the figures. And finally, Prestige! People who are planning to buy Prestige model would definitely love the ballet show. This part of the show narrates what you expect from the Prestige model, refinement and comfort.
One of the best bit was the horizontal led lights, which represent the day lights of the Evoque. Integration of engine sound with dance and music is something totally amazing. Engine noise was turned into engine sound, the annoying mechanical knockings became the part of the dance and the music. It is really hard to explain the show through words, you have to see with your own eyes. And feel this exquisite experience.
This show is a pure creativity and the people who worked in this project made a great job. I am sure that, in future this show will be remembered as a remarkable campaign in automotive industry.
Finally, the music played during the show was also magnificent. Started with Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception sound track) and finished with David Guetta! You can find the audio tracks below and a sneak preview of the show.
For Manchester show

Music from the show; (You can download them from iTunes links.)

Hans Zimmer Time (Inception)
Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap
Xenia Beliayeva Satellite
Burial & Four Tet Moth
Taio Cruz feat Kylie Minogue Higher
David Guetta Feat Rowland When Love Takes Over
Kings of Leon The End
The Verve Bitter Symphony

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Tomorrow’s Post: Evoque Live Birmingham

I usually don’t post articles like this. However, this time I want to make people curios!

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Cars Fashion

Best outfit in Pulse of the City: Evoque

For last one decade SUV vehicles became more city friendly and designed better, more efficient, more comfortable, less capable of off roading; even though we have some cases like Lincoln Navigator and Chevrolet Suburban XXXL. Especially Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Land Rover have respectful contribution to this.

Last year, Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Evoque. One of the best looking small SUVs on market. Actually, it is better looking than its big brothers! Since Land Rover revealed the Evoque, I always noticed high quality photographs pictured the diversifying design details of Evoque. From each angle, Evoque looks magnificent. However, there are some expectations each photo is not under the control of Land Rover and I found something really shocking!

The photo, which you can see below, is from Pulse of the City event in US and many celebrities were invited. As usual, popular culture celebrities dress up to impress other people. Most of the photos from the event is what you expect, nice looking people with designer brands, etc…

Unfortunately, some of them interpret the impression word in a very different way. From that point of view, attending an event means, you can wear whatever you want or don’t bother to change your outfit just attend with the same clothes you wear at home! Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Cee Lo Green did the same, it is crystal clear that he even did not even bother to change his slippers with shoes and came to the event with his comfortable home clothes.

I think this is the most impressive contemporary Evoque photo!





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Very Green Range Rover

I know that some people really don’t like SUV, they can say lots of reason to express their hate towards these vehicles. I am not going to argue with those arguments. However Range Rover Evoque has something really creative :)

Range Rover’s new model Evoque, small Range Rover, offer very low levels of CO2 for an SUV vehicle. But they didn’t stop here! Now they are offering something really green. They are not offering any very special green colour, they are offering bike carrier for roof.

You are buying Range Rover Evoque, one of the smallest SUV on market to fit anywhere in a city and you decide to ride bike. However there is a problem, with your luxury clothes you may not wish to take the bike down from the roof. Honestly, I have no idea how you can lift a bike on a roof on of an SUV. That person has to be something similar to Hercules and those guys usual do not fit to small SUVs.

If you wish to be green and be more green, buy Evoque with roof bike carrier!

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Land Rover

Hello Evoque: Istanbul

I never like to write about local topics in my blog, I would like to write thing which can be catch the interest of whole internet users. In other terms; think global, speak global! (I made this now) For that reason, I never discuss on very local issues but this time I would like to do it :)
I think most of my readers don’t know anything about my identity or who I am. This provided opportunity to be anonymous :) However it is not very hard to guess it from my name and from my Twitter account. So, you know where I am from. Turkey. And I would like to talk about Istanbul and Range Rove Evoque. No, I did not drive the Evoque in Istanbul :)
Now there is an exquisite campaign is going on with Range Rover Evoque. (Land Rover’s new small and luxury SUV vehicle which is placed under the Range Rover brand.) You can find many articles about Evoque in my blog, because I really love the vehicle. And this great SUV has a very eye-catching website called HelloEvoque.Com. This website linked to Pulse of the City mobile application and your routes are being uploaded to this website.
When this campaign first started, there were only couple of cities and I mentioned on my blog to add other cities such as Istanbul. I am not saying Istanbul because I am from Turkey, I am saying Istanbul because it is one of the unique cities on earth and it should be a part of the campaign. I don’t know whether the PR agency read my blog and changed their decision but now you can see the Istanbul as well!
However there is question mark on website. In other cities you can see various people who are involved with arts, music, acting or in journalism and they talk about their journey with Range Rover Evoque on that city! Hopefully the agency picked up really respectful people and avoided “popular culture” celebrities. Range Rover’s brand identity matches with the people. And it is good to avoid popular culture’s celebrities! You can see those people on everywhere, they are too much popular for their short popularity time-frame and it becomes unfortunate to see a good product with too much popular culture.
Since now Land Rover PR Team chosen very good profile and I do hope that they will do the same with Istanbul also. I do not wish to see some Turkish pop star celebrities or models or some people who may overlap with the Range Rover’s brand identity. I am sure that the Land Rover’s Turkish distributor Borusan Automotive’s PR firm will not a mistake like this.
I just want to express my feelings on this project :)
Pulse of the City iPhone Application
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The good looking Mini: Paceman

Recently Mini released their best looking vehicle, Paceman. Actually it is a concept vehicle not yet in production but I can say one thing about it; the best looking Mini. I have never liked any Minis. They are not bad cars but I never liked their design, therefore they were not in my area of interest. However this new vehicle looks totally different. It is a descent coupe and looks really beautiful!
Mini calls this vehicle Sport Activity Coupe (SAC) which is three door version of Countryman. Don’t be fooled by the new definition. It shares the same platform with Countryman and offers four wheel drive, so that’s three door version of Countryman.
Unfortunately this Paceman will cause a serious trouble for consumers. Many consumers are not interested on cars that much and they first look at the design. So, Paceman will be compared with normal Mini models. In other words, Mini created a competitor for its own model range! Consumers will try to understand why to prefer Paceman instead of traditional one and marketing team will say many things which do not mean anything. On the other hand, Paceman will bring new customers to Mini, people like me who don’t like the current range but find Paceman is a really well designed car. But I don’t know how many people are thinking like me.
Again in terms of design; Mini Paceman is an adaption of BMW X6 for Mini! Nothing really special. They are both coupe styled vehicles and offer four wheel drive. Of course, Paceman offers three doors and optional four wheel drive but the design concept shares common identity. Therefore, I am predicting a different customer range for this vehicle.
Whatever Mini says SAC or anything else, it will be a competitor for Range Rover Evoque. But they satisfy totally different needs!


Evoque reality

Recently I discovered an iPhone application called Wikitude. This application is using the iPhone’s one of the most sexy function, “I can understand my position”. This is the iPhone’s and some of the Android phones hardware ability to detect their position while we are holding them. They can calculate the angle, understand the way which we are heading. Basically they are smart enough to understand theirself :) Wikitude is using a technology called augment reality. I recently heard this thing. Sounds weird but it is integrating virtual world with the real world. With the help of phone’s camera, it can add label to real life.
What is the relation with cars? My suggestion is for Range Rover Evoque (ˈiˈvəʊk). One of the most exciting iPhone applications is being offered by Land Rover for Evoque, pulse of the city. And this augmented reality technology would definitely fit with the brand. Evoque’s spy cars are moving around the world but we don’t know where they are. If you are car freak, you really want to see one. Especially if you are living in London, NewYork City, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Shanghai or in Paris. The Evoques are going around these cities right now. But how to spot them! Land Rover can integrate this augment reality feature to iPhone application and show how far the Evoque’s with from your current position. May be some people might running after the cars.
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How to pronounce Range Rover Evoque?

As a part of my blog’s social responsibility. I have noticed the huge curiosity about how to pronounce Evoque, Range Rover’s new small SUV. Like it is astonishing design, its brand is also astonishing and many people are trying to learn how to pronounce it over Google!

And I tried to create the phonetic transcription of Evoque word. The first “E” part sound similar to “E” in email and “VOGUE” part sounds similar to “VOKE” in provoke word. Then I combined the two phonetic transcriptions and made this.

Here it is:
Evoque: ˈiˈvəʊk

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