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I have been using WeWork Spitalfields, London for more than eighteen months. During this time, I have met with many startups and global enterprises. The good thing about the WeWork offices is that there are no boundaries between small and large firms. It is a great environment to get to know each other, especially with regard to discovering new startups.

A few months ago I discovered a startup through a Google search and it turns out that they are based in WeWork. I should have looked around better. They are called Exo Investment.

Exo Investment is an innovative fintech startup. They aim to revolutionise investment banking through an AI platform. Basically, you no longer have to have a middle man, aka the Wolf of Wall Street. Instead, the AI analyses the markets for you and, based on your attitude towards risk (from very low to I love risk), AI invests your money in the right direction. In addition, Exo Investment is FCA regulated. They are committed to their work and tick all the necessary boxes.

The cool thing with this startup it that they are the golden standard. I have been chatting with the founder and the team since I came upon them. Literally, nothing is going wrong. If you take their case as a startup, they are the benchmark for literally everything. They even provided Apple MacBook Air to their interns, even though MacBook Air hasn’t been updated since 2015. Anyway, I am really impressed with their commitment to their work. Also, it is a great success story. For me they are the benchmark or the scale to measure the success of your startup against. Running a FCA-regulated investment firm is not an easy task because there are lots of regulations and paperwork, and the market is very competitive. They are competing with Wolf of Wall Street, Wolf of Berkeley Square and the big banks.

I really appreciate their work and their commitment. I am definitely sure, when you read this article a couple of years from now, that they will be known by many people.

If you are reading this article on April, 2021, yes I discovered this startup before you :)

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