2016 Bentley SUV Video

Today Bentley released a new video of the upcoming SUV model. Despite many negative feedback for the SUV model, Bentley kept focusing on the project. And I am not surprised with this. Because, there is a very profitable market on SUV segment that is not captured by the Bentley and it is utilised by the Range Rover. 
Therefore, it is very reasonable to see a Bentley SUV. I don’t think that Bentley SUV will offer state-of-art off road experience but it will be the pinnacle of luxury on SUV segment. Also plug-in hybrid is confirmed as well. 
I am definitely sure that Bentley SUV will capture the high end customers of Range Rover, also the technological infrastructure of Volkswagen group will offer very competitive features as well. 
It is expected to see Bentley SUV around 2016 with wide range of engine options.
In case you wonder how the first concept vehicle of Bentley SUV looks like you may find the photos from the Festival of Speed Goodwood 2012

Bentley SUV Photo is Released #NewBentley

New Bentley SUV photo is released to public few minutes ago. And I can say, it looks way better than the previous Bentley SUV. However, this time Bentley design team did not wish to take any risk and they stick with Flying Spur design philosophy to create the new Bentley SUV.

So, when you see the new Bentley SUV in few years time (2016), don’t be surprise with the similarity to Flying Spur.

I think it looks quite good and people will start ordering! So, Range Rover’s kingdom is under threat!

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Goodwood Festival of Speed: Bentley SUV EXP 9F

Bentley EXP 9F is the new SUV from Bentley. EXP 9F receive many criticism from journalists and bloggers. Some people love, some people hate it. And for quite long time, I was expecting to see EXP 9F and hopefully, I saw it on Goodwood Festival of Speed.

And I can say one thing, Bentley EXP 9F looks interesting. The front of EXP 9F has many similar design bits from Bentley Arnage and Mulsanne but, it does not reflect any SUV characteristics. The tyres are huge. Interior of EXP 9F is best the SUV interior on market, I don’t think that any brand can offer more luxury in an SUV more than EXP 9F. Interior is extremely well done!

Bentley EXP 9F still reminds me Range Rover Sport from rear side. I checked the EXP 9F in Goodwood Festival of Speed couple of times from the sides and I found it similar to Range Rover Sport. The rear of EXP 9F is not that good. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it! It could have been better. The tailgate’s curve angle should have been steeper.

Overall, Bentley has a very high bar of design refinement and quality. Unfortunately, this new SUV EXP 9F could not jump high from that high bar. Therefore, many people were disappointed with the Bentley’s SUV attempt EXP 9F. When a car company offers very well designed cars, everyone expects to see better each time. On the other hand, many people criticised or loved the EXP 9F, did one thing in common! We all run after the Bentley EXP 9F to see with our eyes! Even though, some of us didn’t like it, but we all wanted to see. So, I cannot say Bentley did not achieve a success. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be travelling for more than three hours to see Bentley EXP 9F!

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Bentley EXP 9F SUV in Paris Dakar

Bentley EXP 9F is the Bentley’s attempt to shake the Range Rover’s castle! Honestly, it didn’t work that well. Bentley EXP 9F concept did not receive positive feedback from press and from the social media. The EXP 9F looks like an up-lifted Bentley Mulsanne with interesting design bits and looks similar to Range Rover Sport from the back-end.
So this adverse situation did not stop Bentley to reveal EXP 9F and create a product image. This is really a tough job! Bentley decided to take a part in 2013 Paris Dakar Rally with EXP 9F SUV. Paris Dakar is a really a tough race and pushes the limits of the vehicles. So why they did this? 
If you remember 2000s; you will remember that when Bentley introduced the Continental Family, at the same time Bentley took place in Le Mans 24 Race and they won it. So, Bentley image was strength and a good environment was developed to introduce the new Continental Family. Something was different at that time, Continental is way better looking than the EXP 9F!
Now Bentley is trying to achieve the same thing with the EXP 9F SUV. They would probably win the Paris Dakar 2013 or achieve a very performance and create a solid product image. But I am not sure, is it going to end up the same way like Le Mans 24 and Continental Family. Bentley EXP 9F needs a new design. We will see what will happen next.

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Bentley SUV EXP 9F, Finally!!!

Finally, Bentley revealed the SUV EXP 9F (F stands for Falcon, it will be like a Falcon), which I was expecting for last half a decade. Since for very long time, I was expecting Bentley to make this move. An ultra-luxury SUV! Range Rover is the leader of the luxury SUV but in terms of luxury level, it is not at the same level of a Bentley. However, as there are no other alternatives Range Rover receives very high demand.

I think Bentley notice this niché market gap and decide to design an SUV under its brand. However, it is not that easy to conquer the Range Rover territory. The luxury must match with the existing models, it should have a state-of-art exterior and interior design, and it must be really powerful and fast.

According to photos released today, things did go well as except one thing, exterior design! Like many other people, I was really shocked with the design. It is an uplifted version of Mulsanne with a boot reminds me Range Rover Sport and Audi Q7! Actually, from some angles I find some similarities with Range Rover Sport. Honestly, I was expecting a better exterior. I don’t like to criticise design team but this car needs more revision before production. I can describe the design of EXP 9F as too conservative! The combination of sportiveness and tradition are not in the harmonic way as they achieved on Continental and Mulsanne.

This design will reduce the sales performance, of course no! The interior design is amazing, and it is a Bentley, and it is the first SUV offers 12-cylinder petrol engine. Many customers will not complain about the design that much, because they will buy the most power, ultra-luxury SUV on market. So, these notions are good enough to compensate the design disappointment. Still, I highly recommend Bentley to revise the design! I think many people think the same way.

About technical information. It will feature the both existing V8 4-lt twin-turbo and W12 6-lt twin-turbo petrol engines with 8-speed auto transmission. There are some rumours about a possible diesel engine from Audi but nothing official yet. The instrument panel is a combination of analogue and virtual. Driver can change the virtual TFT instrument panel in three modes that are selectable through driving modes; Comfort, Sport and Off-Road. Interior features a full glass panoramic roof, seating position 4+1. I really love the interior design, especially the centre console. It looks really amazing and I like the tailgate that can be opened totally. The rear tailgate is integrated to rear light, when it is opened the light goes down as well.

Unfortunately, there are no information about the off-road transfer box or any other information regarding to off-road performance.

Another interesting bit is the size of the wheels. They are 23-inch and 0,5-inch bigger than a truck’s wheel! The other interesting bit is the turbine look vents under the headlight. Also, we shouldn’t forget one thing, this is the Bentley’s first concept car. Their performance is fair enough!

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