How to See Nearby Friends on Facebook From Your Computer?

How to see your nearby friend on Facebook from your computer. This is one of the most pointless question on internet, at the same time it is the most valuable information.
Unfortunately, Facebook nearby function is limited to mobile device only and mobile browser. If you don’t have a smart phone to experience Facebook mobile app or visit their website or if you are too bored to find your phone and check Facebook, I have the solution.
Just type this from your computer’s web browser.
Mobile sites also run on computer browser :)

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Mercedes AMG, Ferrari and Audi Celebrated the Facebook Fans

Facebook is the new environment to experience your favourite car brand. From Hyundai to Ferrari, nearly all car companies are available on Facebook. Even if you cannot afford to buy one, there is not restriction to like! Many people benefit from this de-restricted world of Facebook and became a fan of their favourite car brand. And the number of fans on Facebook are the solid proofs; Ferrari has 8 million, Mercedes-Benz AMG has 2 million, Audi US has 5 million. These numbers are more than many countries’ whole population. 
As the numbers are so huge, the car companies decided to celebrate this in a usual way! Burning rubber! Ferrari, AMG and Audi celebrated their Facebook success by burning tyres and making smoke. Honestly, all these footages are record very professionally and nice to watch but celebrating an achievement in a new technology by burning rubber does not sound that innovative :)
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