Ferrari FF: Probably The Best Ferrari

Ferrari FF, the four-seat and four-wheel hatchback inspired Ferrari. From my definition, Ferrari FF does not sound that charming and when you see the press photos, the tendency to love this Ferrari vanishes very quickly. I used to be supporting the idea of ignoring Ferrari FF as the first Ferrari. FF was a four-seat, four-wheel drive, hatchback inspired Ferrari that cannot be called a Ferrari. But I was wrong!

Last week, I visited the HR Owen’s new Ferrari dealer in Knightsbridge, Ferrari  Atelier! And they had the Ferrari FF! It was my first time with the FF and I was expecting something really disappointing from every aspect. But I was wrong!

Unfortunately, the press photos of Ferrari FF in red does not emphasise the lines and you cannot see the depth of the details on FF. In my opinion, if you are planning to buy a Ferrari FF, go for a different colour than the red. Don’t worry a Ferrari is always a Ferrari regardless of its colour.

Ferrari FF does look definitely different from the Ferrari models. You can easily identify the GT character and spacious interior before you get inside. The interior is high quality as you expected and you have the all Ferrari toys, which you expected to see! Seats are really comfortable with the heating and ventilation option and memory function. Steering wheel is adjusted electrically with memory function.

The back seats are not as spacious as a four-door large sedan but they offer plenty of legroom for a Ferrari. It may not be that comfortable for long journeys but still it is impossible to accommodate two people at the rear seats.

The boot is the main handicap of Ferraris. However, FF offers plenty of space at the boot and rear seats can be folded! I guess this is the first time in a Ferrari. And with folded rear seats, there is a huge loading space!

And lastly, I like Ferrari FF because it is not designed to be a posing car. Someone who doesn’t know cars very well may not realise that, it is the latest Ferrari. Basically, Ferrari FF gives you the opportunity to be stealth without sacrificing the experience of a Ferrari.

Ferrari FF vs. Bentley Continental GT ? This is a very tough question! I may go for a FF and keep a Continental GT at the garage :)

Ferrari FF is powered by 6.2-lt V12 engine with 660 HP and 683 Nm of torque. Only needs 3.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the top speed of 335 km/h (208 mph). Engine is coupled with 7-speed double clutch pedal shift automatic gearbox. And a special four-wheel drive system that does not kill the pleasure.

If you can afford to buy one, go for it ;) I didn’t have chance to drive it but I am sure that it will be an amazing experience.

And thank you very much to HR Owen Ferrari Atelier for the hospitality.